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A comfortable budget.

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Sunnybeachbabe Sat 11-Aug-18 09:09:55

Hi! Right I'm going to be straight here, I'm crap with money and am often struggling even though I think my salary should be a comfortable one. So, I'm trying to work out a budget. There are only the two of us here, myself and dd aged 6.
Could I ask opinions on this:
Is £50 a week reasonable to spend on groceries (including toiletries) each week or too high?
After bills, food, petrol, childcare what would you say was a comfortable amount of spending money for the month?
It would cover:
Birthday/Christmas presents, going out, clothes for us both, saving for a holiday, other car related things eg MOT and tax, treats.... anything else needed?

I'm just trying to see if my expectations are reasonable by other people's standards. Thank you.

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