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CampMumma Sat 11-Aug-18 03:40:29

Has anybody purchased the little ones sleep programs?!
They come up on my Facebook/insta as suggest ads about 10 times a day (obviously picking up on me texting everyone I know how knackered I am all the time) but I can’t afford £30 if the content is terrible!
Up for the 4th time tonight with my 5mo and I just can’t cope anymore. I’m so tired in the day I can’t hold my head up and she only takes 30 minute naps at a time so I can’t even nap when she does (even though I desperately try!!)

GiraffeObsessedBaby Sat 11-Aug-18 04:50:41

I haven't had the programme but my son was the same. Then suddenly at 7/8 months the naps started to get longer and nights started to get easier. He also showed signs of wanting to self settle not be rocked so that made it easier. It's still hard work but it's easier. Maybe give it some time? Trust me I know how exhausted you are!!

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