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Hand hold please - passport not back on time and go away in 8 days

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HattietheManatee Sat 11-Aug-18 02:09:34

Exactly as per title. Fecked up DD1 passport renewal, took 4 paper applications and 3 visits to Post Office to get it sent via check and send ( and 3 months)

Got text to say unless heard otherwise would be here by 11th August.

Nada. Zip.

Now worried checked countersignatory who is a teacher so on leave from wok place.

Hand hold required as due to go away a week on Sunday.

Any advice for when call passport office tomorrow morning gratefully received.

FayeBentos Sat 11-Aug-18 02:17:54

Fecked up DD1 passport renewal, took 4 paper applications and 3 visits to Post Office to get it sent via check and send ( and 3 months)

What went wrong?

Salavart62 Sat 11-Aug-18 02:39:43

Is it an unusual application they’d need to be double checking?

9amTrain Sat 11-Aug-18 02:48:13

11st August... so today? Wait for the post.

RedPill Sat 11-Aug-18 03:01:52

Can you apply for a temporary passport, or does that only work if you are trying to return to your country of origin?

HattietheManatee Sat 11-Aug-18 08:03:47

I would have had a text to say it was printed and being sent via courier, so definitely won't turn up today.

It's a child renewal, British born to British parents. Check and send service used.

Skisunsnow Sat 11-Aug-18 08:06:37

I didn't get a text to say it was being printed, only a text on the day to say it was arriving by Royal Mail special delivery.

ShreddedFeet Sat 11-Aug-18 08:07:52

I never had a text and it arrived any way.

WatermelonGold Sat 11-Aug-18 08:11:59

When I renewed one a few months ago I just got a text that said ‘You should receive your new passport within a few working days. We'll send your supporting documents separately.’

I didn’t get one to say that it had been printed etc. Hopefully yours will turn up today.

Owletterocks Sat 11-Aug-18 08:15:44

Have you had your supporting documents and old passport sent back? We got ours back just before the new passport. Worst case scenario can you book a face to face appointment or fast track?

Minimonkeysmum Sat 11-Aug-18 08:15:44

This happened to us with a new child passport. Phone them. Check if a letter has been sent (it probably has) & explain about countersignatory being a teacher. You can either get countersignatory to call and see if there's an alternative way for them to confirm - fax? - or get a new form and get a new countersignatory to complete that section & sign photos. They can turn stuff amazingly quickly when they need to - don't panic yet!

loveshinealight Sat 11-Aug-18 08:16:32

All three of us had to renew our passports recently. I got a text to say the date it should be received by and then a text advising it should be delivered 'in a few days'. You can call them to check the progress. They are incredibly helpful. Good luck

Doyoumind Sat 11-Aug-18 08:19:45

If they have said it will be back today and you have another week until you need it I think you are panicking prematurely.

Just give them a call to find out the status. They have been really helpful whenever I've phoned them and will do all they can to make sure you can travel.

dementedpixie Sat 11-Aug-18 08:25:37

You would have been quicker and cheaper to apply online. Phone with your application number and stress that you fly very soon

Crunchymum Sat 11-Aug-18 08:29:32

You still have a week though OP?

PitchBlackNight Sat 11-Aug-18 08:42:48

I'd still be panicking. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Try phoning as pps have suggested.

Potentialpoochowner Sat 11-Aug-18 09:10:21

Phone them today. Worst case scenario you’ll have to make an appointment and go in on Monday and make a fast track application for a lost passport (as you no longer have the old passport) which takes a week and is delivered by courier.

Gibble1 Sat 11-Aug-18 09:14:53

I was panicking about mine arriving before our holiday as it was the end of June and we had applied in March and had a text saying they’d be there soon. I rang the office and they told me that they had in fact been sent out eeeks ago. Turns out that MiL had been here the day we arrived as we were at a wedding and had put them somewhere safe instead of leaving them by the front door with all the other mail. Also didn’t occur to her to mention their arrival.
Any chance someone has picked yours up?

Nearlyadoctor Sat 11-Aug-18 09:17:36

Confused here - why did it take 3 months and 4 paper applications? Check and send is done whilst you wait in the post office, so assuming you’d filled out the form incorrectly another form could be taken home and filled in and taken back within a couple of days.
I also can’t see why your contersignatory being a teacher is a concern, as long as they’ve filled in their part correctly and known Dd / family the required amount of time.

I’m sure it will be back in time, if they’ve sent a text it’s definitely on it’s way. Try not to panic...I expect the postman will bring it today.

Mishappening Sat 11-Aug-18 09:21:10

Drive to the nearest passport office and get it sorted - my DD had to do this once - long drive!

dementedpixie Sat 11-Aug-18 09:27:36

You can't just turn up at a passport office, you would need an appointment. Was the teacher a friend of yours? Did they put the school address rather than their home address?

LIZS Sat 11-Aug-18 09:30:20

Is the 11th not today? They do not normally give delivery dates until it reaches the printing stage.

dementedpixie Sat 11-Aug-18 09:30:51 you can track applications sent by check and send too

TheFairyCaravan Sat 11-Aug-18 09:32:15

Drive to the nearest passport office and get it sorted

You can’t renew a child’s passport at the passport office.

dementedpixie Sat 11-Aug-18 09:33:21

Well you can but still have to wait for it to come in the post.

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