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Holiday in march with a 10 month old......recommendations?

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Northernbeachbum Fri 10-Aug-18 22:03:32

Before i go back after maternity we'd like to have a family holiday. We're very aware that its parenting somewhere else but thats absolutely fine, we are also expecting DS to be mobile as we were both early walkers (can always hope hes not but good to be realistic).

Where would you go if you were us? Usually id hate sitting around a pool in an AI but actually thinking that may work as DS loves the water already but then id like to be able to get out of the resort.

KingIrving Fri 10-Aug-18 22:06:45

We went to the Barcelo Bavaro in the Dominican Republic when DS1 was 9 months and we had one of our best holiday. 24 hours restaurants, warm sea water, plenty of pools, shade in the palm tree......
Mind you that was 15 years ago.....

Northernbeachbum Sat 11-Aug-18 07:43:35

Sounds lovely though

DreamingofSunshine Sat 11-Aug-18 07:45:34

Do you want to do longhaul? For guaranteed beach weather you may need to in March although the Canaries might be ok. Oman or Dubai could be a good idea too.

Handsoffmysweets Sat 11-Aug-18 07:47:02

King snap. It’s a lovely very family friendly resort isn’t it.

BendydickCuminsnatch Sat 11-Aug-18 07:49:48

Sani Club is a great hotel (Greece), a really easy and relaxing holiday!

We’re going to Florida with our 11 month old in a couple of months 😄 bit far, bit of a waste maybe, but we have a 3 year old too so loads for him to do there!

We did Dominican Republic with DS1 and the flights were fine but it wasn’t really worth it when we got there, bad weather 😵 and could have done the same sunny stuff in Europe.

Scilly Isles are on our to-visit list!! Maybe not in March though.

LtJudyHopps Sat 11-Aug-18 08:03:12

We went to Gran Canaria in Feb this year, we had a few days of sun and a couple cloudy days.
So March may be a bit better, however the water will be freezing so make sure it’s somewhere with a heated pool of some sort!

Northernbeachbum Sat 11-Aug-18 08:23:57

Ideas weve considered are mexico, canaries, cape verde and miami/florida. Not really sure about Dubai as unmarried parents would that be ok?

Its tough as weve never had a 10 month old before so no idea what they like/will put up with. A lot of me thinks we should go somewhere with a warm pool but where its mainly targeted at us.

Thank you for all your ideas, lots to consider

Kezzie200 Sat 11-Aug-18 10:56:07

We went to Tenerife in March and to a hotel with a heated pool. Thats an option if you want a shorter haul journey.

KingIrving Wed 15-Aug-18 20:11:48

Canaries and Cape Verde might be chill in March and weather is a lottery.
A heated pool is nice but how many hours do you think you will stay in it with a toddler. A beach with sand and warm and calm sea is ideal.
If you are thinking about Mexico, most Riviera Maya has horrendous sea vegetation, so you don't really enjoy the sea. Isla de las Mujeres opposite Cancun is nice.

What about a resort in the Maldives? It is nice and warm, not much to do, but then, would you go sightseeing with a toddler?

You also need to consider food for him.

SteviaStephanie Wed 15-Aug-18 20:44:24

We did the Sheraton in Fuerteventura with a 10 month old. It was nice - short flight; easy food; a nice spa for when DH had the baby; big pools and right on beach.

BarbaraofSevillle Wed 15-Aug-18 20:59:56

Not Cape Verde if you want to be out and about. Very little to do outside AI resort hotels.

Canaries will probably be OK to nice/hot weather wise. It's a bit of a lottery at that time of year, but you'd be unlucky to have a week of constant rain/not warm weather.

If you are the type of people to just get out and about and take the baby with you, Lanzarote would be good as there's a few nonweather dependent things to do (volcano park, markets, vineyards, Cesar Manrique arty stuff, inland villages, boat trips) as well as beach, sea, pool etc, so a hotel with a heated pool would be good to swim as well.

Alternatively, an Andalucian city break (Cadiz, Jerez, Seville, Granada, Malaga, Ronda, Cordoba, pick 2/3 of these and travel between) would probably give you nice weather and DS can just stay in a pushchair or sling/rucksack thing and have the odd walk around if he's at that stage. Just adjust to the Spanish lifestyle and have an afternoon siesta and then all go out in the evening. Dependng on when you mean by 'March' you might see Semana Santa and the run up to Easter, which is a spectacle to behold.

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