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Tumble dryers

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Shiteatusernames Fri 10-Aug-18 12:46:33

Hi I'm on the look out for a new one,currently have an Indesit condenser which I'm not impressed with, looking at spending a little more than usual so I want your opinions please, thank you smile

MongerTruffle Fri 10-Aug-18 12:48:50
I have this one and it works very well. It is quite expensive because it's a heat pump tumble dryer.

YeTalkShiteHen Fri 10-Aug-18 12:50:00

we have this one

It’s the cheapest 10kg one I could find .

RoseDog Fri 10-Aug-18 12:50:21

I have a Bosch (ventilated) as does my mum (condenser) and we both hate them. They never dry properly, they take ages too!

Shiteatusernames Fri 10-Aug-18 12:53:39

Wow that is expensive grin
My last Candy lasted me ages.
I've been looking at Bosch, there are so many to choose from!

WhenDoISleep Fri 10-Aug-18 12:54:21

Unlike a pp, I have a Bosch condenser and it's great. It replaced a Zanussi condenser which was so so and only lasted about 4 years before the bearings went. Have also had an AEG condenser when we rented which was awful, never dried anything properly. Trying to get a load of towels dry was an all day job.

Shiteatusernames Fri 10-Aug-18 13:04:53

Hotpoint ones seem to get good reviews.

Spilledmycoffee Fri 10-Aug-18 13:11:56

I got one of the cheaper heat pump tumble dryers available a year ago. It was a Hoover one on offer in Currys and its great so far.

It was more expensive than a normal one but I worked out that in running costs, I'd be saving money after 2 years

YeTalkShiteHen Fri 10-Aug-18 13:18:41

Hotpoint ones seem to get good reviews

Please please don’t waste your money. Bar the very elderly hotpoint washing machine my mum gave me (lasted 22 years!!) they’re awful.

Absolutely terribly made, break constantly and their customer service is beyond atrocious.

ems137 Fri 10-Aug-18 13:38:03

I've just sold my hotpoint condenser dryer and bought the exact same one but larger load. I think I've gone from a 7kg to 9kg.

The reason I got another one was because I loved it so much, never had a problem and the cycles aren't too long. MIL bought a new heat pump dryer and it takes 2.5-3 hours to dry a regular load. Mine takes about 1.5 hours for the heaviest load!

LizB62A Fri 10-Aug-18 16:00:21

I returned my Bosch condenser dryer as it was almost nuclear - it shrunk the clothes that I'd put in it on a low heat.
I exchanged it for a vented Bosch dryer (which I'd had before) and that was much better

ToadOfSadness Fri 10-Aug-18 17:15:32

We have a Candy Grand O, it wasn't an expensive one. It works well, only thing I don't like is emptying the water tank because it is right at the bottom, otherwise I am pleased with it.

Shiteatusernames Sat 11-Aug-18 13:41:20

Thanks everyone, I'll keep looking smile

BlackSilk Mon 24-Sep-18 20:40:17

Has anybody got any advice when using a great pump dryer in a small utility Room? I am tempted to go for a vented dryer as I don't want to risk damp. My Beko condenser used to sweat alot in our small conservatory

BlackSilk Mon 24-Sep-18 20:48:39

Heat Pump*

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