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Restore audio/muted video on Facebook

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Mehaveit Fri 10-Aug-18 08:42:59

I'm trying to post a video of my DCs dancing to a song and Facebook is telling me the video is muted as I don't have the rights to the music! I've obviously disputed this as I can't believe the law is such that I can't post a video of the music being played in the background of a children's video. Anyone able to shed light on this?

Mehaveit Fri 10-Aug-18 10:44:54


Mehaveit Sat 11-Aug-18 08:32:56


Mehaveit Sun 12-Aug-18 14:38:57


AtlantaGinandTonic Sun 12-Aug-18 14:51:24

I didn't want to read and run! My suggestion would be to upload it to a cloud website (I use Dropbox) and then share a link on Facebook. Make it so that the people who click the link can access the file. Your cloud service shouldn't alter the file as it's just saving it for you. smile

Mehaveit Sun 12-Aug-18 17:00:05

Oh that's a great idea! I genuinely didn't think of it thank you flowers

AtlantaGinandTonic Sun 12-Aug-18 18:16:13

You're welcome! Hope it works for you!

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