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Windy baby and sleep loss (for me)

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DeadDoorpost Fri 10-Aug-18 05:35:52

DS is 8 months old and is suffering from wind during the night.

I don't know what's started it, all I know is that I'm sleeping less because he gets wind attacks every 45-60 mins and I can't fall asleep that fast. So I'm currently awake because he's been worse than usual tonight.

Thankfully DH is on holiday as he's a TA so I can catch up with sleep during the day no problem.

But... any tips on helping ease it while he's asleep? I may have to crack open the infant and gripe water again but it's only during the night and he's not feeding much now...

DeadDoorpost Sat 11-Aug-18 04:48:46

Tonight has been better, despite my inability to sleep. We gave him some gripe water before he fell back to sleep and although he's stirred a few times he's sleeping for longer periods before needing another feed.

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