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So tired of waking up at 3am starving! Anyone else ever had this?

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BretonStripe Fri 10-Aug-18 03:58:35

For most of this year I've woken around 3am and am so hungry I can't get back to sleep. It's so annoying! It's not like I don't eat enough during the day as I have three square meals plus healthy snacks (am trying to lose weight - this isn't helping!).

I'm on iron tablets and take magnesium and Vit C. I have supper of cereal (Corn Flakes or Weetabix usually) around 9-10pm to try and curb it, but it doesn't help.

When I wake up in the middle of the night I try going for a wee, drinking a glass of water, putting an extra blanket on or whatever, but my stomach is gurgling so loudly and griping. I know the only way to get back to sleep is to go downstairs and have more cereal or some toast.

Has anyone else had this? Any tips? Dr Google tells me it's to do with the hunger hormone Ghrelin but not how to fix it (other than doing what I do; get up at 7am to have breakfast, eat plenty during day, stay hydrated with plenty of water - I drink 2lr a day - eat supper).

Feels like I'm going through a growth spurt at 37 ffs!

tequillashotsandsluttdrops Fri 10-Aug-18 04:05:40

Probably not the right person to comment on this as in currently eating pie chips and beans

bangersmashandbeans Fri 10-Aug-18 04:08:32

What do you eat for dinner and what time? What snacks/drinks do you have between dinner and bed?

SleepWarrior Fri 10-Aug-18 04:19:07

I started feeling hungry in the night and it turned out to be gastritis, sorted with a course of ppis. It was a really gnawing hunger that felt like my stomach was growling and in pain, made better (temporarily) by eating.

KMoKMo Fri 10-Aug-18 04:21:21

Are you eating enough protein to keep you feeling full?

RedPill Fri 10-Aug-18 04:25:10

I wake up absolutely starving if I eat before bed. Maybe cutout the cereal in the evening or have it a few hours earlier

BretonStripe Fri 10-Aug-18 04:29:39

A typical day:

7am-ish - 2 x Weetabix. Cuppa.
10am - apple and banana. Or rice cake with peanut butter
12.30/1pm - 2 x poached eggs on ham with sprinkle of cheese.
3pm - Brazil nuts and babybel with oat cakes. Green tea.
5.30pm - family dinner - pasta/curry/fish and veg etc
9.30pm - bowl of cereal or banana

I drink lots of water. Have never drank coffee. Limit tea to 3 cups a day.

I had a colonoscopy in May which showed everything ok? So don't think it's gastritis. Was signed off from Gastro consultant a couple of weeks ago with mild IBS.

BretonStripe Fri 10-Aug-18 04:32:29

tequillashotsandsluttdrops grin sounds lush!

RedPill I have tried stopping supper but it makes it worse. I thought it might be the sugar in cereal/carbs but it hasn't helped cutting it out or sticking to low sugar stuff. Bananas were helping for a short time.

Broken11Girl Fri 10-Aug-18 04:41:31

Have you had your thyroid levels checked? Starving and putting on weight or struggling to lose it sounds like overactive thyroid.

rosewater09 Fri 10-Aug-18 05:18:14

I had this issue for a number of months and turned out I wasn't eating enough protein and healthy fats during the day. Your Weetabix, apple and banana are enough carbs (although I would cut out the Weetabix completely and do eggs with veg for breakfast too). With your eggs lunch, I would add greens (spinach, kale, etc.) I would swap the apple from your morning snack and combine it with the brazil nuts for your 3 PM snack, chop everything up, mix apples and nuts and add a bit of olive oil (for healthy fat) and some cinnamon for a delicious snack. For dinner, cut out the pasta and stick with fish, meat and a big helping of vegetables.

Ideally, this is enough food for the day, but if you are still hungry, then I would suggest a supper of an avocado smoothie (a small avocado, some greens and protein powder) or more nuts, both contain healthy fats which keep you fuller for longer. The cereal won't keep you full for long as it doesn't contain many nutrients.

If you test your diet by switching things up and it still doesn't work then I would suggest talking to your GP.

Ifeelinclined Fri 10-Aug-18 05:21:42

This happens to me if I eat too close to when I go to bed. I've no idea why, but if I eat dinner really late and then go to bed, it's almost guaranteed to happen

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Fri 10-Aug-18 05:22:14

You are eating dinner very early. 530 is practically the afternoon. I am still at work then. Can you eat later?

pigeondujour Fri 10-Aug-18 06:46:11

Sounds like a stomach ulcer and ime a colonoscopy wouldn't necessarily flag it. I'd go back and ask for a gastroscopy.

BretonStripe Fri 10-Aug-18 07:17:42

Broken11Girl yes, full bloods done at Christmas when I went to GP with gastro issues (bloating, wind, hunger in the night). Thyroid is fine, not coeliac, but slightly anaemic. I was then referred to Gastroenterologist who asked for a stool sample, which came back with raised facecal calprotectin levels (in a grey area - above normal level, but not high enough to be inflammatory bowel disease).

My BMI is 26 but I have a large frame and come from a big family. I have gained 10lbs in 10 months which I'm trying to shift.

rosewater09 envy sorry but that day of food just turned my stomach grin I can't bear eggs first thing in the morning, hate avocados with a vengenance and can't eat too much salad or veg due to the IBS. I'm a SAHM so eat with the kids. Thanks for the ideas tho!

Ifeelinclined and thatmustbenigelwiththebrie I'm a SAHM with two young children and have been for 5 years. Hence timings. Plus I've always had a big appetite and am hungry at 5pm-ish.

pigeondujour not another scopy! Wouldn't the Gastro consultant have thought of that? Off to Google stomach ulcer to see if I have any other symptoms.

Thanks for all the replies!

helpbeforeimelt Fri 10-Aug-18 07:23:53

If I have a few days where I don't eat meat within my daily meals I tend to wake up hungrier.
On them days now il have a cpl of hard boiled eggs to munch on at work.
Funnily enough I've woken up starving this morning and can't figure out why but then realised I didn't have tea till 9.30 pm as I work a long shift on Thursdays.
Tea was a fresh soup and some ciabatta bread.

I don't think it was enough but hate eating heavy too late.

I've gained nearly a stone since feb and although I'm eating healthy I'm struggling to get it off but I am on thyroid meds as I have no thyroid at all.

I have noticed and so has my gp that my body hormones are changing a little and I didn't need so much thyroxine so was over active for a while and that can cause hunger and believe it or not weight gain 😳

Maybe have bloods checked again for a full thyroid screening. They normally only check your t4 levels so you need all of them checked

wowfudge Fri 10-Aug-18 07:25:02

You can still sit with the kids while they eat and have your meal later though. At 5.30 I wouldn't want my tea!

Don't dismiss rosewater's ideas out of hand because you don't like the particular foods. Instead of the cereal for breakfast you could have full fat natural or Greek yoghurt with fruit and nuts - find some sources of protein and fat you do like and replace the empty carbs with those.

FaithEverPresent Fri 10-Aug-18 07:27:48

I get this around 11pm. I have functional dyspepsia and a hiatus hernia (picked up from gatroscopy, also had a colonoscopy which was normal so yours might not have picked up something higher up). I don’t think mine is hunger as such, if you have excess stomach acid it can mimic hunger pangs. I just have a drink and then try to ignore it. Might be worth asking your GP if you can try a course of protein pump inhibitors like omeprazole.

NotAnotherJaffaCake Fri 10-Aug-18 07:32:55

Yeah, I get this. Think it’s linked to my cycle as sometimes I’m fine, sometimes I am hungry.

GoldenBlue Fri 10-Aug-18 07:50:22

Your diet seems quite carb heavy and too much to lose weight consistently unless you have a high metabolism. How about cutting down carbs and not eating them after lunch. Ensure you have a high protein meal in the evening.

The waking up hungry is a sugar low reaction from the carb heavy evening snack, other food types in the evening are better for you. If you absolutely need an evening snack then have the nuts then rather than cereal.

Personally I'm not coeliac but I bloat, suffer constipation etc if I eat simple carbs. Wild rice and quinoa are ok but bread, pasta etc all result in me feeling horrid. I just don't think it suits everyone.
I switch it for vegetables like butternut squash and my body is much happier

footballmum Fri 10-Aug-18 08:30:41

All cereals are high in sugar-even the low sugar ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re causing a spike in sugar levels which then when it lowers at about 3am is causing you to feel hungry. As others have said, stick to a high protein, high fat supper and see if that helps. If you don’t like eggs then mixed nuts and full fat yoghurt or perhaps some tapas like ham and cheese. But to be honest if you’re eating good quality foods during the day you shouldn’t really need a supper.

shapeshifter88 Fri 10-Aug-18 08:33:38

Casein shake or made as a hot chocolate before bed. it's a really thick slow release protein , should work!

BretonStripe Fri 10-Aug-18 11:47:25

shapeshifter88 you genius! Dh already has some myprotein milkshake powder stuff so will try that tonight smile Just seen on their site they do a bedtime one too.

Not going to switch to a lchf diet for a variety of reasons.

ScrambledMeg Fri 10-Aug-18 12:02:16

You eat A LOT of carbs. It's probably a sugar drop during the night. The evening cereal is quite unhelpful. You would be better off with evening scrambled eggs if you need it.

rosewater09 Sat 11-Aug-18 06:00:08

Brenton: I wasn't implying that you need to eat the exact diet I do, but I was highlighting how your current diet is high in carbs and sugar which will do nothing to help your current issue (or your overall health).

I have suffered from IBS in the past and changing my diet to the one I outlined is what eliminated my issues (plus taking a probiotic). According to my GP and other research I conducted on my journey towards a healthy life, eating cereals, bread, dairy and proceed foods tend to make IBS worse NOT better. So maybe eliminating these foods will help overall? Of course, you know your body best but clearly, something isn't right since you have digestive issues.

Pinkvoid Sat 11-Aug-18 07:28:28

Only when pregnant but since it’s been happening for eight months, I’d hasten a guess it’s not that wink.

My DGM always wakes at about 2am for a bowl of cereal which I always found strange. Maybe this is a thing...

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