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How much did you buy your house for and how much is it worth now?

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hamburgers Thu 09-Aug-18 20:27:56

Just feeling rather nosey... and depressed.

A couple friend of mine who are slightly older than me (I'm a millennial) bought their house in London for £600k in 2009 and it's recently been valued at £1.1million. They did spend about £100k doing it up but even they admit they wouldn't be able to afford the house they live in now if they were buying now.

Go on and depress this millennial... how much did you buy your house for and how much is it worth now?


StoorieHoose Thu 09-Aug-18 20:29:07

Bought in 2000. Central Scotland £52000 now around £110000

Tretchikoff Thu 09-Aug-18 20:31:28

Bought 149k October 2010
Sold 221.5k December 2017

hamburgers Thu 09-Aug-18 20:31:31

Why O why wasn't I born 10 or 15 years earlier?? sad sad

Originalsaltedpeanuts Thu 09-Aug-18 20:33:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gracie2906 Thu 09-Aug-18 20:34:52

Bought in July 2016 for £60k, spent approx £10k renovating - today’s market it’s worth around £115k.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, your time will come x

Ridingthegravytrain Thu 09-Aug-18 20:35:16

£439k in 2009 now about £780k

hamburgers Thu 09-Aug-18 20:35:52

Wow @Originalsaltedpeanuts !! You're sitting on a mint!

mimibunz Thu 09-Aug-18 20:36:50

Oxford bought in 2001 for £200 now worth £575! Couldn’t afford to buy it now.

Singlenotsingle Thu 09-Aug-18 20:37:36

Bought 2006 for £235k
Currently valued at £390k

pinkpixie83 Thu 09-Aug-18 20:38:01

Bought 2010 - £164,000.

Worth now - £230,000 to £240,000.

jazzyfizzles Thu 09-Aug-18 20:38:49

My parents bought theirs for 50k in 1990 and it's worth £250,000 now.
That's 'up north' a similar house 'down south' is around £750,000. Would be interesting to hear of locations too!

Witchend Thu 09-Aug-18 20:39:27

270k in 2008, roughly doubled.

Silentnighttwo Thu 09-Aug-18 20:39:55

Bought 2008 - £500,000
Valued for sale 2018 - £900,000

vanillasky1001 Thu 09-Aug-18 20:40:10

Bought 2012 245k. Sold 2015 350k. Prices flatlined since then and it would now be worth about 320k. Incredibly lucky.

birdladyfromhomealone Thu 09-Aug-18 20:40:21

Bought in 99 £320k
spent 100K
Valued last month at 1.3 million

petitdonkey Thu 09-Aug-18 20:40:22

South East England: 735,000 in 2006 now 1.8million... (did probably 400k worth of work though)

cloudtree Thu 09-Aug-18 20:40:27

bought end of 2009 for £760k. Now worth £1.3m
That isn't entirely market increase though, we have put in new kitchen, new patio and 3 x new bathrooms.

37KAT Thu 09-Aug-18 20:40:27

Outskirts of Brighton £225K 2006 market value now £400k - we have spent £60k on extension / renovation. Couldn't afford to buy it now....

Icequeen01 Thu 09-Aug-18 20:40:56

Bought in 1997 for £116,000 now worth around £440,000.

derekthe1adyhamster Thu 09-Aug-18 20:41:14

45k in 1997
375k now
popular southern seaside town

mycatplotsdeath Thu 09-Aug-18 20:41:17

I'm up north. Bought for 15k in 1990
Now worth 120k

Autumnchill Thu 09-Aug-18 20:43:08

East Coast beach resort, street back from the beach

3 bed Semi detached Purchased 2013 £140k
Renovation project costing £80k
Resale value now £250k

MagicKeysToAsda Thu 09-Aug-18 20:43:56

2010 about 235k. Spent 50k renovating and extending (not all at once!). Now 425k.

I'd love to say it's due to either my wonderful property insight, or beautiful renovation. But really it's that they built a new station, which has connections to London taking under an hour.

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 09-Aug-18 20:44:13

Wow *@Originalsaltedpeanuts !! You're sitting on a mint!*

But you see you're not. Because you can't sell because you still need to live somewhere, it's not 'real' money. It makes you feel good while not actually meaning anything. My house has doubled in less than a decade. All that means is that DD will have to be a doctor or a lawyer to live near me.

Where my mum and dad live, the houses used to be owned by police officers, teachers, SAHM families, artists... Now it's investment bankers and lawyers. Is that what we want?

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