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Please tell me about kindles

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legohouse Thu 09-Aug-18 08:46:59

I'd like a kindle, which one is best? How do I get the books onto it etc... ( non techy alert! )

delilahbucket Thu 09-Aug-18 08:50:31

I have the paperwhite. I love a physical book but it's great for holidays and reading in the dark while dp is sleeping!
It connects to WiFi and the Amazon store to buy books and then downloads to the device when you buy. You can also buy them on the main site and it will download them to your Kindle. I have Prime membership so I can borrow a book for free each month and they also do free trials on Kindle Unlimited every so often (normally £7.99 a month) where you can borrow unlimited books from a wider choice than the Prime offers.

LittleCandle Thu 09-Aug-18 08:54:26

I also have the paper white, but the bog standard one is fine, too. I carry mine for work or on holiday, although i prefer a real book. I have some books on there that i don't have copies of anymore, or duplicate copies so that I can read my favourites at any time.

LIZS Thu 09-Aug-18 08:56:10

You buy and download books via your amazon account, connecting the kindle to wifi or via a usb.

SureIusedtobetaller Thu 09-Aug-18 08:56:16

I have a Paperwhite and I love it. We couldn’t physically carry enough books for me on holidays without an extra hold suitcase grin so I just load it up and I’m set.
The only thing is I spend more on books...

Theworldisfullofgs Thu 09-Aug-18 08:57:54

I agree a paperwhite. I read a lot and my house is full of books so actually moving to a kindle was good for me. I also like taking it out and about with me.
However I can't remember the books in the same way so for work related books I have to take notes.

legohouse Thu 09-Aug-18 09:02:50

Thank you... I too love real books but when I'm browsing books on Amazon I'm impatient and would love to get it straight to a kindle! Is it easy to download? How many books can you fit onto the kindle? Do you delete them if it's getting full up?

Jfw82 Thu 09-Aug-18 09:06:43

Well my paper white had hundreds of books on it and haven't had any problems fitting things on! I love it when a new book I want comes out as I can preorder and it auto downloads on the release day smile

HardAsSnails Thu 09-Aug-18 09:07:43

I went from a paperwhite to a voyage (now discontinued) and prefer the buttons of the voyage, I think only the expensive oasis has buttons now. But I was perfectly happy with my paperwhite and would definitely recommend it over the basic non-backlit version.

Downloading books is very easy and you are unlikely to ever run out of space. Battery life is excellent too.

BabyMoonPie Thu 09-Aug-18 09:09:51

I love my paperwhite. It stores hundreds of books and the battery lasts weeks. I recommend the website Bookbub - you sign up and tell it the kind of books you like to read and it sends you a daily email with free and cheap books in those genres.

madasamarchhare Thu 09-Aug-18 09:09:57

I also have a paper white. I’m not techy but it was the most straight forward thing to set up and buying a book literally takes a second.
I love a real book and was worried I wouldn’t really love be kindle but can honestly say I’ve read about 2 real books since getting the kindle about 5 years ago! So much lighter and smaller to slip in your handbag. I always have mine with me now. Adjusts to any light so I can easily read wherever I am and don’t disturb anyone else. I still love the feel of a real book and often go into Waterstones or the like for a browse and a feel!! But always end up buying on kindle!

GrumpyOldMare Thu 09-Aug-18 09:11:55

Is it easy to download? Very

How many books can you fit onto the kindle? I have 233 books on my Kindle at the minute with still plenty more space on it.

Do you delete them if it's getting full up? I've never managed to fill a Kindle yet and I've had about 5 so far. (mine have died due to owner error- I've dropped them/lost one)

kitbabingley Thu 09-Aug-18 09:13:19

The only difference between the paperwhite and the older model is the built in light. In my opinion,not worth paying the extra fifty quid for, when you can get a case for the older one with a light in it for about a tenner.

I have an ancient kindle (pre touchscreen!) and I'm about to get a shiny new one, I'm SO excited. It has honestly changed my life. I have loads of books and have never got even close to being full up, and the battery lasts forever. DH uses the kindle app on a tablet and I hate it, the screen is too shiny.

legohouse Thu 09-Aug-18 09:36:47

I'm excited too!!!

legohouse Thu 09-Aug-18 09:38:28

There seems to be quite a few different types, I'm off to work now... thanks for all the helpful advice smile

NoProbLlama78 Thu 09-Aug-18 09:40:35

I've downloaded the kindle app on my phone to try it out to see if i get on with it and really like it so will probably get a proper kindle for my next holiday

Hoppinggreen Thu 09-Aug-18 09:40:43

I always refused to get one but a few years ago DH got me one as a birthday surprise along with Kindle unlimited
I absolutely love it now, I can take loads of books on holiday and if I fancy reading something I can just think “oh, I fancy a new book” Nd minutes later I’ve got one
I use the store on the Kindle but also Amazon on my iPad as well, which sends the books to my kindle
I love that it recommends books too, I’ve discovered some brilliant new authors

Seeline Thu 09-Aug-18 09:44:09

I have a paper white and love it.

My 80yo MIL also has one and copes with all the 'techy stuff'

I find it easier to buy the books on PC/laptop and send them to the kindle, but you can buy direct from the device. I find it takes a lot longer though.

I like that it has introduced me to books I wouldn't normally read as there are always loads of books for 99p. I am happy to take a punt on something for 99p!

When you 'delete' books from your Kindle, they remain on your Amazon account so you don't lose them. You just re-download to your Kindle if you want to re-read.

Gard21 Thu 09-Aug-18 09:57:17

I have an old edition of kindle (no light or touch screen). Mine has a small button on the side to move pages.
I download books from Amazon which is so easy. I try all genres of subjects so I get a lot of the free books as well as up to date ones.
Ive had mine at least 8 years and only delete from my account once a year. At the moment I have nearly 200 books and as I've said the majority were free.
I take mine everywhere as I can't physically hold a book.

Etymology23 Thu 09-Aug-18 10:02:48

I really like the built in light of the paper white because you can turn it down enough to read with another person in the room, and also have less harshly LED light thrown in your eyes if you read at night. I sometimes wish it had a button as it’s not hugely friendly if you hold it in your left hand, but it’s still a great thing. I’ve not filled mine up yet and I read a lot: however if you do, you can just delete them from the physical kindle and store them in the kindle-cloud I believe.

Plimmy Thu 09-Aug-18 10:07:07

Horses for courses (and budgets) and all that, but I strongly disagree that an ‘old’ kindle plus external light is as good as a paperwhite.

The built-in light is 1000 times better and more convenient IMO. Works much better because it’s backlit not front lit (but it is all English Lit - sorry).

SatsukiKusakabe Thu 09-Aug-18 10:27:49

I loved my old Kindle but agree the Paperwhite is worth it if you can afford.

You can delete books off the device but keep them in your Amazon account to redownload in future at any time, I do this once I’ve read one to keep it tidy, I also make folders by genre.

I still love a real book and still raid secondhand shops and the library often, but I adore my Kindle and wouldn’t be without it now.

Mumteedum Thu 09-Aug-18 10:34:32

Ohh can I join in op? Getting a paperwhite soon. Can anyone explain kindle unlimited and/versus prime reading? I have amazon prime.

CoperCabana Thu 09-Aug-18 10:41:42

I agree a Paperwhite is much better than the old one with an add on light. I think mine was reconditioned which made it a little cheaper.

Theworldisfullofgs Thu 09-Aug-18 10:44:18

I'm not sure there is much difference.
I've had both in the past - different times - but found it wasn't really value for money for me.

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