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Observations from Lanzarote.

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LucilleBluth Sun 05-Aug-18 14:25:15

Cheapish week, villa. Last minute destination chosen so that DH and Ds's can dive....also have 7yo DD with us.

It is not a pretty Island.
The food is excellent.
It's colder and windier than home.
Would rather have a shorter flight and go to mainland Spain.
Volcanoes are not as exciting to a 7 year old as you would think.
There are people from all over Europe holidaying here.
The Brits and Germans are similar in appearance. German people have more sensible footwear than us though.
The French and Spanish are much better dressed than us.
Primark needs to go under asap to save us British women from ourselves.
On the beach, nearly all women over 30, thin or fat have cellulite on the back of their thighs...and it makes no difference to attractiveness.
Brits abroad is definitely 'a thing'.
Brits completely cover their kids on the beach...rash vests, flappy hats etc.

If I'm honest it's a bit boring and I won't be back.

HolyMountain Sun 05-Aug-18 14:28:10

We went there last year and enjoyed it, had a great week in an AI Adults only hotel.

Horses for courses and all that. smile.

BitchQueen90 Sun 05-Aug-18 14:30:57

I went to Lanzarote last year and I found it dull. Might have been the area we were staying though.

LucilleBluth Sun 05-Aug-18 14:32:40

I love Greece and I have no idea why but I thought it would be similar. I just can't comprehend its popularity.

IAmInsignificunt Sun 05-Aug-18 14:39:49

It is not a pretty Island.

I agree it isn’t traditionally pretty but I think it is interesting and outside of the tourist areas, beautiful in a weird way. Flying into the island shows it to be a strange, alien landscape which I find really interesting. Have you been to the cactus places or any of the smaller villages? There are some pretty places though like El Golfo, Arrecife old town, Cesar Manrique’s home, La Graciosa Island, Teguise (not on a market day) and the drama of Famara to name a few.

Tinycitrus Sun 05-Aug-18 14:41:12

Observations from Croatia

-mixture of Italians, brits, Americans and Germans.
-no one is fat
-everyone has a beautiful tan (apart from the British)
- every Italian woman is stunningly beautiful
- you can instantly spot the British women from their patchy tan, mismatched Boden bikinis (see above comment re:Primark) and rash vest obsession.
- It’s seafood or chicken n chips
- it’s bloody hot
- pebbly beaches but beautiful clear waters
- brits look fed up all the time esp in restaurants
- other nationalities seem to ‘do’ heat and holidays much better smile

Tinycitrus Sun 05-Aug-18 14:41:37

I love Greece too. But Croatia is a close second.

IStillDrinkCava Sun 05-Aug-18 14:54:08

The big plus for us was it was a bit cooler. We've found Greece, mainland Spain, and the Balearics all a bit hot for us in August. Maybe we just got unlucky with heatwaves though.

Totally agree about the volcanoes, but we were in a beautiful hotel with a lot of Spanish wedding parties and had a great holiday.

LoniceraJaponica Sun 05-Aug-18 14:58:26

I agree with Iaminsignificant. There is lots to see and do in Lanzarote. DD was 5 when we went and enjoyed visiting the places mentioned above. She has always been interested in volcanoes as well. The coastline isn't particularly scenic, I agree, but the island is well worth exploring.

Which resort are you in? Costa Teguise?

Tinycitrus Sun 05-Aug-18 14:58:27

It’s 34 on the beach right now and we have come back to the apartment to enjoy the air conditioning.

I keep telling the kids to
Keep the doors shut to
Keep the cold in grin

specialsubject Sun 05-Aug-18 15:00:30

ah, the mn sneer at rash vests and admiration of those that will resemble their handbags in ten years...angry

AntiqueOlive Sun 05-Aug-18 15:03:09

Aww... I love Lanzarote.

It's clean, not built up and i love, love, love all the Ceasar Manrique stuff. i think its a great place for all ages. Some beach stuff, sporty stuff, culture, and not huge distances between everything. great for a family holiday .

SkeletonSkins Sun 05-Aug-18 15:05:51

Were just back from lanzarote (Playa Blanca) all inclusive. Have to say we had a fab time, good food, enough to do for us and enjoyed the coastline. We had nice weather mostly.

Agree that the natural landscape is not that pretty though. It kind of feels like it was all built just for tourism.

Crunchymum Sun 05-Aug-18 15:06:48

Lanzarote was the last place DP and I went "just us"

To be honest we only went as it was cheap. It had never really appealed to me (we had done all the other Canaries!)

I loved it. We stayed in a beautiful little place in Playa Blanca - 1 storey apartments with a large, clean pool, sea and mountain views. We were about a 30 minute walk along the promenade to the main hub (or 5 minutes in a €5 cab if we couldn't be arsed to walk back)

We only did a week, 2 weeks may have been pushing it. Was pleasantly surprised though and "Lanzagrotty" is my fave of the Canaries!!! Much prefer the Greek islands overall though!!!

Tinycitrus Sun 05-Aug-18 15:09:22

It’s not sneery - it’s true! Our European neighbours just don’t use them.

LoniceraJaponica Sun 05-Aug-18 15:13:30

The Cesar Manrique stuff is great. It's thanks to him that there is only one tallish building on the island. They aren't allowed to build high rise monstrosities there.

I must admit that Costa Teguise is a bit Brits abroad, and is completely devoid of any character. DD stayed in Playa Blanca a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

UnreasonablyPissedOff Sun 05-Aug-18 15:14:07

We hated it. Along with Tenerife too.
Mallorca on the other hand......just gorgeous once you stay away from the main package traps. It was our fav beach holiday. We rented a car and explored the whole island. Stunning.

Must try a greek island sometime..

LyndaSnell Sun 05-Aug-18 15:25:17

Why do British women have to be sneery about other British women?

Aragog Sun 05-Aug-18 15:25:30

Lanzorate is great for winter sun though - not too far, time zones not far out and it's pretty much always warm. Only time we've been is for winter sun when we want a week of doing very little.

My main observation from holidaying in north California this past fortnight is that most Californians see themselves as being different and separate to the rest of the US.
They are predominantly not Trump supporters, and don't like Boris either.
They appear fascinated with our Royal Family, even more so since the wedding.
Many are big on the environment - seems to underpin a lot of every day stuff.
It's really hard to find non meat options in their local theme parks (not Disney/Universal)
They grow a lot of artichokes.
Whales in California are beautiful to watch, they have a lot of sea lions which are very noisy esp at twilight, and their sea otters are very cute.
Oh, and every Californian we met was super friendly. Also don't think we've ever met a shy American. I'm sure there must be some!

Tinycitrus Sun 05-Aug-18 15:27:40

We are being ‘lighthearted’ it is not meant to be a state of the nation address.

LinoleumBlownapart Sun 05-Aug-18 15:34:29

Why don't Europeans use rash vests? That's odd.

fluffiphlox Sun 05-Aug-18 15:38:38

The Lanzarote landscape is not conventionally ‘pretty’. It is, however, extremely dramatic. Take a trip with a company called Eco-Insider. They will give you the lowdown on the geology,geography, extraordinary variety of plant life and bird life. There is also all the Cesar Manrique work and his home too. Enjoy it.

fluffiphlox Sun 05-Aug-18 15:39:12

What is a rash vest? Just off to Google.

WipsGlitter Sun 05-Aug-18 15:40:12

Probably because in mainland Europe they are more used to the sun and stress less about burning.

I think the problem with clothing is ( as per the point above) we never really have to dress for prolonged periods of very hot weather here, so we either (a) buy cheap stuff as you're only going to wear it for two weeks or (b) dig out stuff from years ago. It's a vicious circle!

itbemay Sun 05-Aug-18 15:42:52

It’s manrique island! There are some amazing places to visit! But yes I agree it’s not that ‘pretty’. Just back from fuerteventura and prefer it to lanzarote. I quick like the breeze/wind - same as you though op we got where the dives are dh and ds whilst I chill!!

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