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Should I send the firemen biscuits?

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Flamingoose Sun 05-Aug-18 07:08:12

We had a house fire. Everyone is fine. The fire brigade came out in the middle of the night and put it out and saved our house. They were fantastic.

I know which station they came from.

I want to send a big tin of biscuits or something like that, to say thank you. Would that be okay, do you think?

HuntIdeas Sun 05-Aug-18 07:09:10

I think that’s a lovely idea

FourAlarmFire Sun 05-Aug-18 07:09:31

I think they’d bloody love that! Firefighters (like most public sector workers) don’t get the thanks they deserve. Sorry to hear about the fire flowers

booniloo Sun 05-Aug-18 07:13:00

Yes! My husband has been a firefighter for 10 years and not once has anyone ever gone to the station to thank them after having their house, family or lives saved. I know how much it would be appreciated!

Winegumaddict Sun 05-Aug-18 07:16:49

I think it would be lovely. I've taken things to hospitals for nurses and Drs. I've never needed the fire brigades help (thankfully) but yes I would thank them if I ever did.

Flamingoose Sun 05-Aug-18 07:17:21

Cool! Glad it's a good idea.

StylishMummy Sun 05-Aug-18 07:18:53

A card and cake will always take you far in life (quote - my Nan) grin

Horsemad Sun 05-Aug-18 09:34:54

They will love it!

Years ago, a friend (no connection to the Fire Service) arranged a station visit for my DS who was obsessed with being a Firefighter when he grew up and they treated us like royalty, went out of their way to show us everything about the station. It was fab. We took them a big tin of biscuits as a thank you after the visit and they were really chuffed! Do it! 🙂

glasserator Sun 05-Aug-18 09:38:11

Lovely idea. Put a note on them saying they are for the watch who was on duty at X time on X date... else they might get snaffled wink

Foreverlexicon Sun 05-Aug-18 09:45:44

Please do it!

I’m a police call handler and on just two occasions in the past year, I’ve had a call where someone has wanted details of where to send a thank you letter. Even though those weren’t even directed towards me, it made my day.

Emergency services can be a very thankless job - it would be hugely appreciated!

FoodGloriousFud Sun 05-Aug-18 09:48:47

I think it's a lovely idea. I can't believe how little thanks they get!

flumpybear Sun 05-Aug-18 09:49:03

Lovely idea 😎

Sunnysidegold Sun 05-Aug-18 10:16:33

@stylishmummy I think your nan's advice is excellent!

Flamingoose Sat 11-Aug-18 06:06:59

Just to update: I took a mega-box of chocolate bars, and a card thanking the specific crew who were on duty the night of the fire. I'm glad I did.
By chance I saw the man who was in charge on the night of our fire. He said they were just doing their job, and that the men would be very pleased when they came in later that night.

YeTalkShiteHen Sat 11-Aug-18 06:16:48

That’s lovely OP, I did similar when we had a flood in the middle of the night and the fire brigade came out to help.

You’ll be the toast of the station tonight!

Justsaynonow Sat 11-Aug-18 06:33:46

Years ago I pulled over with a flat tire right outside a firehall. The firemen came out, took my son on a drive around the block in their smaller vehicle while others changed my tire, and then gave him a tour of the station. My son made a card and I made brownies for them. Wonderful memories (especially having once had to change a tire by my hugely pregnant self and no one stopped to help).

GoatYoga Sat 11-Aug-18 06:38:22

My husband loves recently receiving biscuits - it’s nice to be appreciated.

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