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The MUSIC WAG (Part 39!) New Players Always Welcome

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CazzieCatsRock Sat 04-Aug-18 18:59:33

Our 39th shiny new thread. smile So.....

Sober - Staind

everywhichway Sat 04-Aug-18 20:32:31

Here come the Judge - Pigmeat Markham

CazzieCatsRock Sat 04-Aug-18 21:23:16

Big Six - Judge Dread

everywhichway Sat 04-Aug-18 22:04:22

Don't worry Baby - Beach Boys

CazzieCatsRock Sat 04-Aug-18 22:21:00

Sandy - From Grease

StorminaBcup Sat 04-Aug-18 22:55:49

Lucky you - lightning seeds

CazzieCatsRock Sat 04-Aug-18 23:44:27

Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

Samcro Sat 04-Aug-18 23:46:31

all the small things - Blink 182

CazzieCatsRock Sun 05-Aug-18 00:03:58

Things That Make You Go Hmmm hmm - C+C Music Factory

Samcro Sun 05-Aug-18 00:06:19

making your mind up - ABBA

CazzieCatsRock Sun 05-Aug-18 00:22:39

Feel Like Makin' Love - Bad Company

StorminaBcup Sun 05-Aug-18 07:03:07

Bad medicine - Bon Jovi

TheSassyAssassin Sun 05-Aug-18 08:00:57

The Drugs Don't Work - The Verve

secretmeetingsundertrees Sun 05-Aug-18 09:10:04

shy like you - 14 iced bears

No offence meant sassy smile

TheSassyAssassin Sun 05-Aug-18 09:23:46

angryhmmshock flounce!

ScreamingValenta Sun 05-Aug-18 09:26:57

Rupert the Bear - Jackie Lee

TheSassyAssassin Sun 05-Aug-18 09:29:36

Break It To Me Gently (or not secret grin) - Brenda Lee

secretmeetingsundertrees Sun 05-Aug-18 09:50:08

Sorry sassy blushgrin
meet me in the bathroom - the strokes

TheSassyAssassin Sun 05-Aug-18 10:02:31

Why secret? Are we going to...

Kiss and Make Up - Mary J. Blige


CazzieCatsRock Sun 05-Aug-18 12:37:36

Proud Mary - Tina Turner

SoapOnARoap Sun 05-Aug-18 13:58:19

Peacock Suit - Paul Weller

CazzieCatsRock Sun 05-Aug-18 15:43:14

Breakin' The Law - Judas Priest

StorminaBcup Sun 05-Aug-18 16:11:43

Caught by the fuzz - Supergrass

everywhichway Sun 05-Aug-18 17:24:37

Mirror Man - The Human League

Bettercallsaul1 Sun 05-Aug-18 17:33:28

Heart of Glass - Blondie

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