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Respo 62 The thread where RespoDad finally gets his comeuppance

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VanillaSugar Fri 03-Aug-18 06:52:56

Or is that wishful thinking?

You decide!
(but as these are the threads that no one responds to, how can we tell?)

SneakyGremlins Fri 03-Aug-18 06:55:43


SneakyGremlins Fri 03-Aug-18 06:59:00

Can't believe I joined 61 threads ago!

Xmasfairy86 Fri 03-Aug-18 06:59:54

Morning all.

VanillaSugar Fri 03-Aug-18 07:01:11

Oh good, you're up. I'll have a cup of tea, love - milk and no sugar.

SneakyGremlins Fri 03-Aug-18 07:03:48

You heard, Xmas wink

VanillaSugar Fri 03-Aug-18 07:13:08

Err no, grems. - that was directed at you. Off you go and make yourself useful! xmas what do you want? Breakfast in bed?

SneakyGremlins Fri 03-Aug-18 07:14:44

<disappears back to bed>

jetSTAR Fri 03-Aug-18 07:21:55

Surely all the Easter egg chocolate must be used up by now?

Xmasfairy86 Fri 03-Aug-18 07:22:52


Bacon sandwich would suit please 👌🏼

Pretty sure I’ve been awake on and off since 3:30 😭😭😴😴

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 03-Aug-18 07:57:07

Hahaha (sarcastic laugh). No chance.


My fucking aunt! She's arranged for a parcel to be delivered to my local post office, fucking miles away, instead of here. Her logic. I don't know if you'll be in. ^It's the holidays! We don't go anywhere before lunchtime and the parcel post comes dead on 9. Apart from which, if we weren't in, our regular postie would leave it in the porch. I said I'd pick it up after DD was home, as I don't have anyone to look after DS2 until 1, and then DD's coming back 1 - 1.30. "Can't you take him with you?" I've stopped replying now, and this is why my phone's on DND, I've got 1 more text last night after I told her I was in bed, and 2 before 7 this morning.

The reason I can't take him with me is the same reason I have him strapped in a disabled child trolley in Sainsbury's. He'll either bolt or flop on the ground and roll around. He's got suspected ADHD FFS. 😨😨😨

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 03-Aug-18 07:58:00

Should have been It's the holidays!

PortiaCastis Fri 03-Aug-18 08:08:09

Morning long cold drink please, oven's on scons to bake and then shopping to do.

Bath your aunt sounds crazy and controlling and if somebody was like her to me they'd be getting told to go stick their head up a dead bears bum and do not surface

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 03-Aug-18 08:21:14

Unfortunately, Butlins wouldn't have happened, camp wouldn't be happening and Adventure wouldn't be happening if it weren't for her, also they wouldn't have any of their logo'd uniforms.

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 03-Aug-18 08:28:48

Aaaarrrrgh! She's just said, "You could get it on the way back from Adventure." That's what I said I'd do originally! It's a huge detour out of my way, that's when I usually go shopping, then I have to rush back to pick DS2 up. 😠 Why didn't she just get it delivered to the house?

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 03-Aug-18 08:45:21

"I've paid £32, I don't want it left in the porch." Nobody can see our porch from the street, it's in a basement, round a corner. She's going to do it again, isn't she? hmm

PortiaCastis Fri 03-Aug-18 09:25:42

What a lot of fuss over a parcel jeez what's she doing sending you outta your way to collect it does it contain precious jewels or summat

Xmasfairy86 Fri 03-Aug-18 09:28:44

Why wasn’t it sent to her house?

I need to put the washing out. But the sofa is more appealing right now. Have my goddaughter for the day who will be arriving shortly. I don’t even have a bra on 😂😂

RespoDad Fri 03-Aug-18 09:55:32

You're killing me.

SneakyGremlins Fri 03-Aug-18 10:12:40

That's some good news at least Respo

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 03-Aug-18 11:21:32

I've already put my washing out [smugface].

I don't put a bra on until I get ready to go out, and not at all on Sundays.

HonkyWonkWoman Fri 03-Aug-18 11:45:47

Oooooo! Shiny new thread!
I'll have a nice cup of tea as well Grems while you're at it! grin

VanillaSugar Fri 03-Aug-18 16:31:06

Honestly, the service on this thread is absolutely appalling.

Anyone else still waiting for their tea?

SneakyGremlins Fri 03-Aug-18 16:32:52

I've been running between uni and the job centre chasing up my ESA hmm

HonkyWonkWoman Fri 03-Aug-18 16:52:40

It's this heat Vanilla! Very lethargic making!
I've had to make one myself! 😠
Here brew!

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