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Can I wear a black dress with white floral pattern to a funeral?

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Jedimastermama Sat 21-Jul-18 22:09:33

I’m going to a funeral and not sure if this is appropriate, I’d be wearing a black cardigan with the dress.

leighdinglady Sat 21-Jul-18 22:10:38

Can't see why not. I find people wear more than just plain black to funerals now. As long as you're wearing a black cardi I'd say is fine

letsdolunch321 Sat 21-Jul-18 22:11:27

Unless the dress code has been requested as everyone to wear black I imagine that would be fine.

Honeyroar Sat 21-Jul-18 22:11:43

Can't see anything, but if it's black based with a black cardigan I would (have many times).

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 21-Jul-18 22:12:44

It sounds fine. Is it an older person who has died?

Honeyroar Sat 21-Jul-18 22:13:08

(Sorry I read that wrong. I thought you'd posted a picture).

Jedimastermama Sun 22-Jul-18 20:25:54

Thank you for your replies.
I just wasn’t sure, it is a black based dress with white lilies. I thought along with black tights and black shoes It would look smart.
There is no dress code.
The person was in their 50s. It is a catholic funeral.

Thanks again,.

ApolloandDaphne Sun 22-Jul-18 20:35:32

Lilies are actually the flowers associated with death. I am sure it will be fine.

Wuss2018 Sun 22-Jul-18 20:38:43

Well I wore all black to my husbands catholic mass with black fascinator- white flowers won't be an issue. Next day at the crem I had the brightest blue dress with the brightest flowers and butterflies on.

thelonggame Sun 22-Jul-18 20:39:33

I wore pretty much the same - a white dress with black flowers and a black cardigan to my brothers funeral.
It sounds ideal.

Iamagreyhoundhearmeroar Sun 22-Jul-18 20:40:08

Yes, of course.

Hassled Sun 22-Jul-18 20:41:13

At the last couple of funerals I went to people were wearing all sorts - your dress sounds absolutely fine.

leighdinglady Sun 22-Jul-18 22:51:21

Lilies are pretty perfect symbolism

IStillDrinkCava Sun 05-Aug-18 19:57:54

Yes, sounds more than suitable. I think this kind of thing is much more common than plain black these days.

Bimgy85 Sun 12-Aug-18 21:41:35

Yes. Gone are the days of strictly black funerals

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