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NYC advice

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Fattygettingthin Sun 15-Jul-18 20:02:40

So we've had a completely dreadful year and my DH and I want to go to NYC to see an American foot ball game on 25th November this year.

We have a max budget of 3k for flights and hotels, but obviously would love to get it as cheap as possible,

Could any one give me any advice? Is it better to book hotel and flights separately or as an all in one jobby?

Flights and air bnb? Flights and hotel through a travel agent?

What should be our definitely must see list?

amusedbush Sun 15-Jul-18 20:19:12

We will be there that day too! We go every year pretty much and I would recommend flights and hotel with BA. I believe laws surrounding Air BnB are a bit dodgy in NYC so I wouldn’t.

We are going 17th - 25th November with BA, Glasgow - Heathrow - JFK and we’ve paid £775pp for flights and a week’s accommodation in a hotel we’ve stayed at previously. It’s wayyyy downtown and fine for us as we’ve been so many times before but if you haven’t been before/a lot you may prefer to stay uptown a little?

amusedbush Sun 15-Jul-18 20:21:24

Oh, I tell a lie. I had the 25th in my head as we get home to Glasgow that day! We fly home at night on the 24th blush

Have you been before? I have so many suggestions for things to do and places to eat but don’t want to list the obvious if you’ve been previously!

Fattygettingthin Sun 15-Jul-18 20:25:48

@amusedbush no we've never been together. I went aged about 10 but don't remember too much 😂 advise away!!

amusedbush Sun 15-Jul-18 20:33:47

I’d definitely recommend the city pass, we got one for our first trip and it was great. You buy it online and then you exchange your receipt for a physical ticket book at the first valid attraction you visit. We got into the Empire State, Top of the Rock, a couple of museums and we did a really interesting boat tour. You also get to skip the queue, which is good! I would also recommend going up One World Trade, it was fab and very informative.

If you have time, the ground zero museum is worth visiting but I was very emotional afterwards. It’s not ‘enjoyable’ but it’s worthwhile.

TKTS in either Times Square or the office in Brooklyn sells cheap tickets to broadway shows playing that day.

We are massive foodies and I’ve curated a list of places to eat over the past few years - it’s almost embarrassingly long! What sort of stuff do you like? We aren’t sit-down-dinner people so my list is mostly pizza, BBQ, burgers, etc. Although regardless of how you usually eat, you HAVE to get a Shackburger from Shake Shack. I swear it’s the best burger I’ve ever eaten in my life (and the London branches aren’t as good as the US! grin)

Fattygettingthin Mon 16-Jul-18 00:21:43

Pizza and street food are out bag! 😂 we're foodies but not expensive ones!

Can I ask how you booked? Through an agent or yourself? smile

VodkaLimeSoda27 Mon 16-Jul-18 00:41:24

I live in NYC so may be able to help.

The hotels on Times Square are very popular with first time visitors, but are pretty expensive and the area is very busy. Consider staying downtown or in Brooklyn for a better deal, and a more authentic New York experience.

Bear in mind you'll be visiting around Thanksgiving, so if you want to go out to dinner that day it's best you book that in advance. It doesn't have to be super expensive, but you may need to look around for affordable options.

For first time visitors on a budget, I would recommend the following:

One trip up a real building (you don't need to do Empire State and Top of the Rock for example)
Walk the High Line
Picnic in Central Park if not too cold
Drinking in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, around NYU (more affordable cocktails etc than in Manhattan)
Get one great brunch (bottomless if that's your thing), book in advance
Go to one of the less traditional museums (Tenement Museum, Museum of Sex, Transport Museum)
See an off-Broadway show
Eat bagels, pizza, ramen, eat dim sum in Chinatown and maybe try Korean BBQ in K-town
Karaoke bars in K-town or around St Marks Place

Also, try the website the skint nearer the time- it has great daily/weekly listings of fun things to do in the city that are very affordable and usually a little different to the usual stuff on the tourist trail smile

VodkaLimeSoda27 Mon 16-Jul-18 00:42:09

*tall building

VodkaLimeSoda27 Mon 16-Jul-18 00:43:33

Oh, and if you want to see the Statue of Liberty, the free Staten Island ferry is the best way to go. It runs every 30 mins.

Fattygettingthin Mon 16-Jul-18 01:36:01

Oh my word I hadn't even thought about thanksgiving!! Well that will be something!

Will it be good as a tourist? (As in will everywhere be closed)? smile

Semster Mon 16-Jul-18 02:39:32

I haven't been in NYC over Thanksgiving but you could see the Macy's parade, and I believe some restaurants and tourist attractions are open, but it'll be a very different atmosphere. Then there's Black Friday - either plan to shop or definitely DON'T plan to shop that day.

I would be careful with AirBNB - if it's a slightly dodgy one that gets closed down then you'll get a refund but potentially have to find new accommodation at short notice.

Which football game are you planning on seeing?

LuMarie Mon 16-Jul-18 02:57:25

Book flights and accommodation separately, definitely.

BA have really good flight prices, around the three hundred and something return from heathrow.

Airbnb books in advance, so take a look now.

Definitely city pass.

9/11 memorial museum will blow your mind. It’s a must. Boat out to Statue of Liberty. Go to a jazz club! Central Park, amazing place. Walk down fifth avenue. Eat hot dogs from the carts, so good. Met museum is super, national history not so much but the planetarium (where Ross took Rachel) makes it worth it. Wander around the village. Walk across the Brooklyn bridge. Fall in love with the place, it like no othersmile

Fattygettingthin Mon 16-Jul-18 02:59:32

@Semster it's the patriots v the jets. We saw the patriots last years in Boston and it was amazing!

LuMarie Mon 16-Jul-18 03:02:23

Oh and of course Empire State Building!

When Harry Met Sally and wow, those views are seriously something else.

All on your city pass.

I stayed upper east side, I think Brooklyn is all very happening now, you may find a much better hotel deal there.

Everything will be open at thanksgiving, yes if you want to do some shopping (“these are my shoes from New York!”), Friday after is crazy.

I think the Christmas window dressings on some of the big stores may start up when you’re there, gorgeous. Again that’s fifth avenue.

Such an amazing placesmile

Semster Mon 16-Jul-18 03:03:14

That'll be a great game! I'm now inspired to get DH Pats tix for his 50th birthday this year.

VodkaLimeSoda27 Mon 16-Jul-18 04:51:55

I personally wouldn't go to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade because you'll have to get there by 6am to be able to see anything at all along the route, and it will be ridiculously crowded. The only exception is if you're lucky enough to get a view from inside a building along the route.

Not everything will be closed on Thanksgiving but it's worth doing your research in advance. It is a special day to be there- I would personally check out the 9/11 Memorial (always poignant but especially on Thanksgiving), walk around the city after the parade when it's quiet, have dinner and find a nice bar to while away the evening smile

Sales now begin before Black Friday, so if you want to go shopping I'd advise going before (maybe on the Weds) as discounts will be good but the shops won't be crazy. The Jersey Gardens mall in Elizabeth, NJ is a great one to check out for discounts and is only a 30 minute bus ride from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. I go twice a year to buy Christmas presents and to stock up on summer clothes!

amusedbush Mon 16-Jul-18 09:17:15

We booked our package directly through BA. We have done this for our last few trips as they have great deals and they allow you to put a deposit down and pay it up.

Fattygettingthin Mon 16-Jul-18 16:18:41

Going to get some quotes! Do you think we can get the hotel and flights for £1500?

amusedbush Mon 16-Jul-18 18:16:32

As I say, we paid £775pp so not far off that. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Financial District. Don’t be put off by the Holiday Inn branding, it’s actually really nice and not like our UK Holiday Inns! It’s wayyy downtown but it’s close to loads of subway links and super convenient for public transport and for heading to Brooklyn, where we spend a lot of time anyway.

I’ve stayed all over Manhattan so happy to recommend somewhere further uptown if you’d prefer.

Fattygettingthin Mon 16-Jul-18 19:11:05

Haha I'm going to have a google tonight. As my 2 quotes for 2100 and 3300 😂grin

RusholmeRuffian Mon 16-Jul-18 19:51:14

If you're not planning on spending much time in your hotel room and want to be central, have a look at the pod hotels. There are 3 and they are all in central locations. I just got a great deal there.

Semster Mon 16-Jul-18 20:30:18

Don't know what your dates are or where you're flying out of, but look on for your flights, and for your hotels, and see what you find.

Looking from the US Kayak has non-stop round trip BA flights Heathrow to JFK for $404.

Semster Mon 16-Jul-18 20:31:12

Don't book your flights on though. Compare prices there, but go to the airline website itself to book. That way if there are cancellations or flight changes then you deal directly with the airline.

TSSDNCOP Mon 16-Jul-18 20:33:26

When will you fly? It’s Thanksgiving the Thursday after you plan to go so you might see flight prices hike up.

amusedbush Mon 16-Jul-18 20:46:29

Yeah, Thanksgiving is the 22nd November so I assume lots of people will be travelling home to the US around that time.

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