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Ryan Air, how bad is it going to be?

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ReadingRiot Sun 15-Jul-18 19:41:29

Ever since we booked (with some reservation) I keep seeing horror stories.

We booked because they are the only airline on the route we wanted and the flight is only just over an hour, so how bad can it be, right?

We've pre booked seats and hold luggage but wouldn't be devastated to be separated, mostly booked the package for the luggage.

Anasnake Sun 15-Jul-18 19:42:24

It's fine

chipsandpeas Sun 15-Jul-18 19:42:50

ive never had a problem with ryanair

EspressoButler Sun 15-Jul-18 19:42:56

It’s fine, particularly for only an hour.
Take headphones and buy your own drinks/snacks at the airport. The headphones are needed to block out the constant sales pitches of any budget airline wink

ZenaThor Sun 15-Jul-18 19:43:41

If you’ve prebooked seats you won’t be separated. It’s fine for such a short trip

MollyCule Sun 15-Jul-18 19:43:46

I fly Ryanair quite frequently. Have flown Easyjet quite a bit as well. Think a lot of it is based on your expectations.. think of Ryanair as a flying bus! Although the incident yesterday with the loss of pressure sounds quite scary confused

Nicknacky Sun 15-Jul-18 19:44:30

I’ve never had a problem with Ryanair. It gets you from A to B and that’s all you need.

I’ve flown with far worse airlines!

NynaeveSedai Sun 15-Jul-18 19:45:06

Ryanair are absolutely fine.

TroubledLichen Sun 15-Jul-18 19:45:18

It’s fine. Nothing amazing about the experience but make sure you check in online, have your boarding pass and are within your luggage limits then there’s nothing bad about it. Buy a glass of wine from the trolley and it will go quickly!

DramaAlpaca Sun 15-Jul-18 19:45:21

A flying bus is how I think of Ryanair too. I fly them a lot & have never had any problems with them. As long as you follow their rules it's fine.

OnlyBaBaBiss Sun 15-Jul-18 19:45:41

We had a horrific flight with RyanAir once
I would never ever ever fly with them again, would rather have to swap flights half way (I can’t think what this is called) than fly with them again

But chances are you’ll be fine, I suppose any airline could have something go wrong at any point

Saffzy Sun 15-Jul-18 19:46:02

It will be fine if you've pre booked seats as that was my only gripe. I much prefer Ryanair than EasyJet. Take your own food/drink if needed as the prices are silly.

Topseyt Sun 15-Jul-18 19:48:28

Flying bus is a good analogy. They are that, with no frills.

OK for short flights.

PrincessoftheSea Sun 15-Jul-18 19:48:31

Its fine but I think Ryan air is for frequent flyers who thinks of it like a bus.

Johnnycomelately1 Sun 15-Jul-18 19:48:36

Ryanair are fine until it's not fine (plane has technical issues and flight is cancelled) as they lack the infrastructure to deal with it efficiently and their solutions are generally shitter than those that another airline would be able to offer - "we can fly you back on Tuesday to Belfast" when it's Saturday and you came from Gatwick.

The on board experience is totally okay though.

So basically it's a bit of a dichotomy.

underneaththeash Sun 15-Jul-18 19:48:42

I've flown with them twice, first time the flight was cancelled and second time they abandoned DS and I about 300miles away from our intended destination.
I've never flown with them again.

welshweasel Sun 15-Jul-18 19:49:29

I love Ryanair. You know what you’re going to get. Read the rules re luggage etc and follow them to the letter. If you’ve got bags to check then get there v early as queues for bag drop can be long. Pick up some sandwiches in boots at the airport and bring your own entertainment. I fly with them regularly and for the price you can’t beat it.

donajimena Sun 15-Jul-18 19:50:32

Flown loads with them. Never had a problem.

BertieBotts Sun 15-Jul-18 19:50:39

It's absolutely fine. If you've booked seats you won't be separated. Don't dither once the gate is announced, (which will be about 40 mins before the flight) because the gates tend to be miles out but don't panic and rush either, just find somewhere to sit near there, don't bother to queue up when everyone starts standing. Wait until the queue actually starts to move into the plane or if you have priority boarding wait for the flight attendant to appear and start separating the queues.

There's not much legroom, the coffee is awful and there are annoying sales announcements during the flight... that's literally it! We fly Ryanair a couple of times a year.

BertieBotts Sun 15-Jul-18 19:53:37

The sales announcements can be quite comedic though if you're inclined. On our last one the audio was clearly broken so one of the flight attendants read it off a script instead complete with sound effects like whispering "Prizes.....prizes.....prizes" at the end of a sentence grin

Smurf123 Sun 15-Jul-18 19:55:40

Make sure you check in online in good time - I think they close online check in 24 hours before flight. If you miss the online check in its £55 per flight per person to check in at the airport

falaffels Sun 15-Jul-18 19:59:00

It's fine, just irritating, if you're all competent adults.

Prepare to be shunted round in a queue like cattle. Take your own food and drink, and don't expect a seat near your OH.

You will take off late, but miraculously arrive on time as the build in delays. And it will all be a bit grubby.

And YY to whoever suggested headphones, as you're bombarded with crap announcements.

I've never done it with small children, that might be less survivable.

PattiStanger Sun 15-Jul-18 19:59:53

What kind of horror stories?

No one can tell you whether you'll be unlucky enough to have a problem, of course something might go wrong. I guess they carry millions of passengers every year and the vast majority of them will have no problems at all.

I wouldn't think twice about flying with them

ReadingRiot Sun 15-Jul-18 20:05:29

Well there's the cabin pressure one this week, stag dos getting out of control, awful tales of very rude service but mostly people having to travel for days at great expense to get home on a roundabout route after cancellations

Nicknacky Sun 15-Jul-18 20:08:18

The cabin pressure issue could happen to any airline, so I wouldn’t worry about that. My friend is cabin crew for Ryanair and while some flights are more lively than others, she doesn’t get many that are that problematic. We only hear about those few flights that there are incidents on.

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