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Please give blood

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startingtheengine Wed 11-Jul-18 22:55:18

Blood stocks are running very low. If you can, please book an appoint to donate. One donation can help three people.

startingtheengine Wed 11-Jul-18 22:56:29

SneakyGremlins Wed 11-Jul-18 22:56:55

I'd love to but I can't because of who I sleep with.

PickAChew Wed 11-Jul-18 22:58:28

Dh did last week and has his next session lined up.

I can't but it's always worth bumping a thread like this because I've benefitted from a total of 7 units of finest red, in the past.

CommunistLegoBloc Wed 11-Jul-18 22:59:41

I did today! 💉

Bump smile

WhoKnowsWhereTheW1neGoes Wed 11-Jul-18 23:02:25

I did a couple of weeks ago. Hoping to hit 50 donations by next year.

SleepingBooty Wed 11-Jul-18 23:04:28

I've tried but I must be dead as they couldn't find a vein. I think it's so important to do so. DH won't go.

startingtheengine Wed 11-Jul-18 23:07:29

sneaky that's a shame.

I've had friend's and family benefit from donations so always try especially as I'm O- but can't at the moment as pregnant.

whoknows 50 is amazing, I'm only at 13.

LanguidLobster Wed 11-Jul-18 23:08:42

Have you got a boyfriend @Sneaky?

I'd like to donate in future but have had too much blood loss recently so couldn't at present

MaryPoppinsPenguins Wed 11-Jul-18 23:09:58

I booked an appointment to give blood... they cancelled it.

I booked another appointment... they cancelled it again.

I booked myself and my husband in to donate last Friday... once again they cancelled.

They clearly don’t want my blood hmm

blueskypink Wed 11-Jul-18 23:10:31

Also can't due to blood transfusion. But used to regularly before that.

LanguidLobster Wed 11-Jul-18 23:13:17

@MaryPoppins that's ok, you may encounter an obliging vampire who does grin

startingtheengine Wed 11-Jul-18 23:13:30

Mary that's no good. Have you asked as to why?

SneakyGremlins Wed 11-Jul-18 23:15:49

Oh hang on, I'm on immunosuppressants - I guess that's another reason I'm out?

lornski Wed 11-Jul-18 23:15:52

Gave my 22nd pint yesterday!

OrangePeels Wed 11-Jul-18 23:17:10

I used to. Because I now live in the Middle East I cannot donate in the UK. I also cannot donate in the Middle East as I live in the UK during the BSE outbreak.
I did once donate to someone specifically asking for blood in the middle east who signed a disclaimer before receiving (family did) to say they accepted the BSE risk.
I would urge everyone to donate that can!

Pitapotamus Wed 11-Jul-18 23:17:42

I’ve looked but I can never find anywhere locally with available appointments. My local one doesn’t have anything till 24 Oct by which point I will have travelled so will have to wait another 6 months to be eligible to donate. Surely if stocks were really low they’d make it easier to donate? I’d be happy to donate blood regularly but I’ve never actually done it despite trying!

Heratnumber7 Wed 11-Jul-18 23:18:32

I do. I'm up to 44 donations, aiming for 50 next year.

Dhalandchips Wed 11-Jul-18 23:18:49

I'd love to too, got to 17 before needing a blood transfusion in 1994. Surely they'd know by now if I was a mad cow or not!! (Assuming that's what they are trying to avoid)

Heratnumber7 Wed 11-Jul-18 23:20:09

Mary they now only take blood if they need your blood type.

It may be that they have sufficient blood of your type in your area.

goose1964 Wed 11-Jul-18 23:20:19

I'm only here because of a blood transfusion, it's really important to give blood if you can. I can't because of my previous 3 pints

WishITookLifeSeriously Wed 11-Jul-18 23:26:00

Can I give blood if I'm overweight? I really want to donate but wouldn't cope well with being turned away

OrchidInTheSun Wed 11-Jul-18 23:27:02

Pita - you won't be ineligible because you've travelled. It reality depends where you've been.

The vast majority of the British population don't travel to destinations where they can't donate. I recommend it as something most of us can do to contribute to making the world a better place. It's about an hour of your time, the nurses are lovely, and you get free tea and biscuits. And for that tiny contribution, you could save someone's life. And that makes you feel AWESOME

OrchidInTheSun Wed 11-Jul-18 23:28:03

Wish - your weight is irrelevant smile

WishITookLifeSeriously Wed 11-Jul-18 23:29:02

Thanks Orchid

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