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“Chim” Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh

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ReggieKrayDoYouKnowMyName Mon 02-Jul-18 11:30:33

Okay, so I always thought the Chim thing was a load of twaddle, fun twaddle but twaddle. But suddenly, with Cheryl’s sixth significant split in ten odd years, I’m wondering.....

.... what do we think? Is Chim a load of rubbish or is there something in it?

Chocolatecoffeeaddict Mon 02-Jul-18 11:34:46

I've never heard this before. I don't believe it.

AlonsoTigerHeart Mon 02-Jul-18 11:36:23

Nah, kims too nice and human for Cheryl.

SmashedMug Mon 02-Jul-18 11:37:57

I think she's probably gay but she's not with Kim.

Watchingthecloudsflyby Mon 02-Jul-18 11:39:19

Eh? Kimberley is married to a guy. If they were gay and in love I don't think they'd need to hide that

HeyDolly Mon 02-Jul-18 11:40:26

Nah, Kim’s been with her partner for 15 years, have a couple of children together , and they married recently didn’t they?

PigEyedHorseFrightener Mon 02-Jul-18 11:40:33

I think it’s twaddle. I just think Cheryl is REALLY bad at picking men and is also probably very hard work herself.

ReggieKrayDoYouKnowMyName Mon 02-Jul-18 13:59:20

I still do largely think it’s twaddle but it does make you wonder how such a rumour comes about in the first place. As a PP said though, I suspect she’s gay but not with Kim.

therockinggazelle Mon 02-Jul-18 20:13:54

Why on earth does anyone think she is gay? Have never heard anything like that!

LeahJack Tue 03-Jul-18 14:19:21

I think she could well be gay. Every single one of her relationships there’s been a plausible reason why it could be for publicity.

EachandEveryone Wed 04-Jul-18 20:31:15

Bloody hell, you could say that about me and lots of us on here! That havent had many long term relationships. It's ridiculous.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Fri 06-Jul-18 01:36:26

Oh god, another slash fanfic pairing created in the over active minds of teen age fan fic writers thats some how escaped in to the real world because 'evidence'!

I get it i have in my time enjoyed the odd slash fan fic. But the key is fic as in fiction, as in not true.

No chim isnt real, neither are any of the westlife any other teen boy band or girl group same sex couples that started in fan fic and were given some cutesy portmanteau name. Especially not those that may concern cheryls rather resent ex and the one that left the group or the other one being with L and the curly haired one.

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