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WHat do you’re teenage (15) boys wear?

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JamesDelayneysTattoos Mon 25-Jun-18 14:37:54

Ds is 15 next week. We are going on holiday in a few days. His birthday is whilst we are away so I’m going to take a few things with us as a surprise.

Anyway, my problem is he refuses to wear clothes that don’t have a brand. I say refuses, he has 2 Primark tops that massed muster but a couple of week starts ago I bought him a few tops from there for holiday, nice stuff, obviously it won’t last but for 4 quid a t shirt I don’t mind one summer.

So yesterday I’m packing his case wi5 him and these 2 tops has tags on still and haven’t made it to the case pile. On questions he says he’s no time wearing them, he doesn’t like them. Now, when I bought them he swore he liked them. I said I’m not fussed, I’ll take them back, no, he said, I’ll wear them. Now, obviously I can’t as I have no receipt. £13 total but still.

He says all my friends wear labels etc.

For background, he was very badly bullied a few years ago, 18 months of torture, hospitalisation, illness etc. We moved schools and it’s better but he’s vulnerable. There is a kid that he’s known since year 4 that tells everyone our family stuff, ie his younger sister is autistic, that ds was bullied, (that ds has blocked out), that ds dances (he’s given up). He likes to belittle ds but ds is still friends with him.

With his history I can understand his need to fit in. Dh isn’t a fan of labels so doesn’t care.

So, I’m wondering what your boys wear, what’s cool that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Budget is £250.

Thank you

Katedotness1963 Mon 25-Jun-18 14:50:57

Jeans and band shirts. One would like to have many pairs of expensive sneakers, however that's not in the budget. The other has no interest in labels at all. Their friends seem to be the same.

Katedotness1963 Mon 25-Jun-18 14:52:07

Oh! The bloody knit hats. Drives me mad when they were them in this heat. Again, seems to be a thing amongst their friends...

Jellyshoeshurtmyfeet Mon 25-Jun-18 14:54:01

Mine is nearly 15 and wears North Face, Adidas and Nike t-shirts. He also has Pretty Green and Fred Perry tops bought in sale and a Ted Baker t-shirt from TK Maxx. He wears Adidas jogging bottoms, Top man skinny jeans and Primark shorts. It's really difficult but he knows that you can't have everything branded

JamesDelayneysTattoos Mon 25-Jun-18 14:54:17

No hats here. He says his friends wear Ralph Lauren etc. You’re not going to get much for 250 from there are you?

JenBarber Mon 25-Jun-18 14:56:05

Jeans/combats and Sheldonesque t-shirts.

I wouldn't encourage buying 'brands'.

JamesDelayneysTattoos Mon 25-Jun-18 14:56:36

Thank you all. Maybe I’ll check out the sales on the net.

anotherpersona Mon 25-Jun-18 15:00:24

Different brands seem popular with different groups of friends. DS yr 9 plays a lot of sport so his friends tend to wear disgusting polyster football shirt style tops. He has a couple of brand items but because he's not fussy it's whatever I spot as a bargain in TKMaxx. You can find Ralph Lauren polo shirts, Converse tshirts & Superdry shorts all in there.
DS will not wear track suit bottoms or hats or jewellery or the colour black !

anotherpersona Mon 25-Jun-18 15:01:56

Don't know where you live but Ralph Lauren have an outlet shop at our nearest McArthur Glen & often a sale corner within that.

JamesDelayneysTattoos Mon 25-Jun-18 15:02:24

anotherpersona my ds won’t either. Looks like I’m heading to TK Max 😂

cptartapp Mon 25-Jun-18 15:06:16

Most things from JD Sports.

anotherpersona Mon 25-Jun-18 15:06:25

Here you go Not cheap but a birthday present.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Mon 25-Jun-18 15:08:35

DS is 18 so a couple of years older, but has had the same style since 15. Tapered tracksuit bottoms for general mooching or out playing football - Adidas, Nike or Converse. Converse or Superdry jogger material shorts for hotter days. Chinos shorts or trousers for going out somewhere like a restaurant or pub, usually Ralph Lauren, Superdry, Levis. He has a couple of smart Ralph Lauren shirts and a large selection of polo shirts and t shirts from there, Superdry, Calvin Klein or Saltrock.

Sounds really expensive and extravagant but I go to outlet villages and TK Maxx for most of it, never pay full price, and my parents treat him when they go on holiday as it's a lot cheaper in the Far East or USA. He also has a part time job so will often buy his own stuff.

GoldenGumballs Mon 25-Jun-18 15:11:08

Hollister or superdry tshirts super skinny dark blue next jeans & Adidas flux trainers.

StayingAtTamaras Mon 25-Jun-18 15:11:37

there's plenty of Ralph Lauren outlets around, whereabouts are you based?

glamp Mon 25-Jun-18 15:15:20

Hollister, Ralph Lauren from outlet, Adidas track pants and shorts, north face from outlet and Nike trainers

clary Mon 25-Jun-18 15:17:24

Ds2 wears sports kit at all times, he is very sporty. Things like Nike joggers and running tops, hoody often from an event, shorts by Adidas etc
Joggers usually about £20, tops £15, event hoody £25 and he does have a North Face one he bought which was £50! Shop around online.

NackeredMom Mon 25-Jun-18 15:21:22

Surfdome are great for branded stuff and have a sale on at the moment.

slippersinsummer Mon 25-Jun-18 15:24:34

Ralph Lauren have outlet stores, not cheap but cheaper. Where do you live - there's a good few Bicester village, gunwharf quays etc

slippersinsummer Mon 25-Jun-18 15:26:21

They make special cheaper product for the stores so it's not all dribs and drabs. It's actually a massive money maker for them. The stores in posh places are the showcases and the outlets sell the volume. Lots of brands do this it's called SMU product ( special make-up)

JamesDelayneysTattoos Mon 25-Jun-18 17:11:10

Thank you. I’m I need the Midlands/Birmingham. I didn’t even think of looking at tkmaxx online. I think Bicester village is an hour away from here, not too bad.

QueenofLouisiana Mon 25-Jun-18 18:00:55

DS wears Superdry, Adidas, North Face and stuff linked to sports achievements. Jeans from Boohoo men’s department or Gap are considered reasonable.

mabelchiltern Mon 25-Jun-18 18:10:50

Champion is very popular here. My 15 yr old also wears top shop skinnies, some hollister, Zara, Nike Adidas and Fila.. ... Good thing the sales are on!

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