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My PMT symptoms are getting worse as I get older...

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SlinkyB Mon 25-Jun-18 03:26:43

Especially the mood swings, tension headache and insomnia ! Fell asleep around midnight, woke at 2am, it's now almost 3.30am and I still don't feel the least bit tired so am on here.

Does anyone have any tips to relieve the symptoms please? I'm on the Yasmin pill and am 37 with two children.

Cinderella2018 Mon 25-Jun-18 03:28:54

Bookmarking for the same reason.

Cinderella2018 Mon 25-Jun-18 03:31:45

Whoops posted too soon.

I went to the beach recently Slinky and felt so much better, so I was wondering whether it was a vitamin d deficiency amongst other things. Sea air and sunshine kept me in a light mood all evening. And I slept well.

user1457017537 Mon 25-Jun-18 03:32:25

You can get progesterone suppositories and also take Prozac only on the days you have pms. I was treated with this regime and it was really good. Starflower oil and other herbal meds didn’t help me. Hope this helps

SlinkyB Mon 25-Jun-18 03:38:04

Cinderella2018 You've just reminded me I haven't beem taking my vitamins lately! I take the Redoxon effervescent tablets that have Vit D, Vit C and iron/zinc most days. I've also been feeling washed out the past few days so back on the iron tablets.

I live hours from a beach sad I do love the sea, wish it wasn't so far away.

user1457017537 I went to my GP last year and said my symptoms were getting unmanageable and my poor husband had to live with an unreasonable (to put it mildly!) witch for half the month and he did offer prozac. I've never taken antidepressants before and the thought kinda scares me if I'm honest. I did ask if I could just take them for the time of thr month, but he wasn't sure how successful that would be? How many days per month do you take them for?

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Mon 25-Jun-18 03:56:21

I’ve been suffering with this and I’m seeing amazing results with Agnus Castus and Evening Primrose oil.

I went to my GP and told her I was getting anxious, angry and depressed, crying a lot before my period and also had incredibly heavy periods and a lot of pain. She said it’s a hormone imbalance - too much oestrogen not enough progesterone. She said my body is a bit messed up from 5 years of pregnancy and breastfeeding and said it’s either the pill or try Agnus Castus. I don’t want to go back on the pill. She said I would have to get AC from a naturopath because you can’t get an effective strength in pill form at the chemist.

The naturopath took my history and came to the same conclusion as the GP. I’ve been taking the Agnus Castus for a little over a month now. Honestly, the change is amazing. I was only slightly tetchy in the days leading up to my period this time. And only when DP was being really irritating, otherwise I was so happy I wouldn’t have even known my period was approaching. And best of all the incredibly horrible period pain is almost entirely gone already. It was so horrible I almost fainted before, and within a month it was easily manageable.

The downside is I’ve had my period for more than 2 weeks now. It’s really getting on my nerves, but I think this is just an adjustment period. I was actually coming on here to ask about that when I found your thread so I’ll start a new thread about that.

The naturopath and GP both said it would take about 3 months to start working so I expect things to keep getting better.

I had been taking Evening Primrose Oil for a month before the AC and that was making me feel a bit better emotionally too, so it could actually be the EPO doing the hard work. I don’t want to stop either of them now to find out because it’s just such a relief to not be on the couch in tears when I know I should be happy.

It could just be that you’re on the wrong pill for your hormones. If you take AC you can’t take the pill at the same time so you’ll have to think of some other form of contraception.

bastardlyandmutley Mon 25-Jun-18 14:01:59

For those of you who take an anti depressant for half the month do you still get side effects?

I'm perimenopausal I think and am truly hideous to live with for the two weeks before my period. I can't stand being around my DH & am an awful bad tempered cow at times. I also feel so low and depressed and just want to disappear. All this lifts like a cloud as soon as my period starts. I am loathed to take an antidepressant to help me through this time though because historically when I have taken them full time they have flattened my already diminishing libido.

user1457017537 Mon 25-Jun-18 16:13:23

SlinkyB I was given Prozac by my very forward thinking woman gynaecologist along with progesterone suppositories. I took it at the onset of pms for about a week!
The progesterone suppositories also had the effect of making my periods very light.
Please don’t suffer there is help available. I knew I needed help as I was becoming unbalanced.

BuckysRoboticArm Tue 26-Jun-18 05:56:38

There’s some very knowledgable gp’s and gynaes here - mine have been clueless how to help my pmdd other than birth control pills (which make me worse) I’ve never been offered progesterone suppositories but I did try a natural progesterone usp cream (not wild yam cream) and had success with period issues (one example is the horrific period pain is had since a teenager where I’d be in bed 2 days in agony to almost zero pain) but it also caused my hairline to recede. I wonder if the suppositories would differ.

One of the few things I’ve not tried yet is Agnus Castus. I finally ordered some yesterday. I’m anxious as I’ve read so many anecdotes about it causing hair loss and unwanted facial/body hair in some females (despite their naturopaths absolutely insisting this is impossible) as well as actually worsening pms and depression. Of course there are many women it’s worked for too. It seems to be a tricky herb and you won’t know how it will affect you until you try it. I’m a bit nervous!

Did you start a thread Isasjustabouttosaythat ?

SlinkyB Tue 26-Jun-18 14:16:31

@bastardlyandmutley I could have written your post! That is exactly how I am, right down to diminishing libido. I've never tried anti depressants so might give them a go and keep an open mind.

@Iwasjustabouttosaythat thanks for the info, I'll do some research. Not keen on trying a different pill as did that last year and was worse. I seem to get on with Yasmin as it helps my skin, and I have short light periods. I like the flexibility of carrying on a pack when I want to, too. And as we definitely don't want any more children, we use the pill and condoms!

@user1457017537 are you in the UK? The thought of a suppository fills me with horror! grin But I guess you get used to it? Sounds like you've had some great help smile

JoeElliotsMullet Tue 26-Jun-18 14:43:00

I could have written this. I am noticeably grumpy/down for every two weeks out of four and for those two weeks I wake every day with appalling back ache. I find it difficult to fall asleep but am knackered... I am 40. I really don't like being on the pill (DH has had the snip so contraception is sorted) so wondering if I should take myself off to the GP...

Haudyerwheesht Tue 26-Jun-18 14:51:27

I’m also 37 and same is happening here. Before I used to sometimes have vague PMT symptoms but now i literally sleep 1/2 hours a night the week before, am ravenously hungry, have a sore back, nausea and could cheerfully kill somebody most days. Oh and am very very teary.

JoeElliotsMullet Tue 26-Jun-18 15:32:40

Oh yes and the ravenous hunger!

Summerscorcherisjustsummer Tue 26-Jun-18 16:23:19


Where did you buy the actual agnus castus - what make is it please thanks.

ps I thought prostegerone was the evil hormone?

Summerscorcherisjustsummer Tue 26-Jun-18 16:26:48

Buckys robotic arm

Agnus Castus. I finally ordered some yesterday. I’m anxious as I’ve read so many anecdotes about it causing hair loss and unwanted facial/body hair in some females

^^ really! I was certain it was supposed to help with all those symptoms? I did vague research a few years ago when trying to conceive.

mooncuplanding Tue 26-Jun-18 16:33:50

I was about to go all HRT @ aged 43.

I decided to pay some attention to dietary stuff, cut out sugar completely and went keto (high fat low carbs)

I went from having a week of PMS where life was horrific and a total struggle to 5 months later, being pretty much free of PMS. I cannot believe this could have had such a difference and feel like a different person.

It is a hormonal imbalance and too much insulin from sugar and carbs wrecks your adrenal glands and then your sex hormones follow, all getting worse as you age and become more insulin resistant.

I'm now not even considering HRT, and no longer dread that week of hell. It did take a few months for my periods to stabilise (I spotted for 4 weeks about 3 months in) but now I know that is what is known as the healing phase :-)

Cannot recommend it enough. Natural cure and you get yourself back.

Summerscorcherisjustsummer Tue 26-Jun-18 17:15:26


That's really interesting re healing phase. When I was mid 20 I started to juice loads, carrots, celery, apples and brocoli.

My periods went weird and had spotting but I was slim and never felt better

BuckysRoboticArm Tue 26-Jun-18 18:26:44

Summers yeah I basically spent a whole day googling and read what felt like hundreds of people’s experiences, everywhere from parenting websites to to various health forums and even Reddit. For every female that had great success in helping their pms symptoms there was always one who experienced acne or worse mood, hair loss or unwanted hair growth etc. I think it all depends on your individual hormone levels and sensitivities, so results seem to vary widely. I’ve read one doctor say don’t take it for pcos or endometriosis, and another doctor suggest it as helpful for those conditions! So it’s a gamble. It certainly seems effective at stimulating ovulation in most women, hence why many use it when ttc. I got mine today, it’s the A Vogel tincture from Amazon.

Very interesting about the diet results mooncup thanks for sharing. That’s great that you avoided hrt. Did you eat meat or dairy on this diet if you don’t mind me asking? Did you take any kind of vitamin supplements alongside?

I’ve actually gotten to a point where I don’t even know what to eat for the best anymore as there’s so much conflicting info out there.

user1457017537 Tue 26-Jun-18 20:10:51

Just thought I would mention that the progesterone suppositories are vaginal

Biologifemini Tue 26-Jun-18 20:16:42

High dose vitamin B6
Magnesium just when I start to feel jittery, not everyday
Magnesium definitely helps with sleep
Combined there has been a big difference and am sure I got the tip here.

SlinkyB Tue 26-Jun-18 22:58:32

@user1457017537 thanks for clearing that up! I did think they were to be inserted anally. Did you get them from a UK GP?

I cannot ever imagine a life without sugar and carbs I'm afraid @mooncuplanding ! It sounds amazing, and I'm sure there are many benefits, but I just can't imagine cutting it all out. I tried cutting out sugar last year and lasted 6 days <preens> then went to a party and drank endless prosecco and cider, and landed head first in chocolate birthday cake ! grin

SlinkyB Tue 26-Jun-18 22:59:37

Hmm, Vitamin B6 and magnesium you say @Biologifemini? Do you get these over the counter yeah? Can you recommend a brand please?

SlovenlyWrench Tue 26-Jun-18 23:09:13

Pressures = vaginal
Suppositories= anal

I thought?

Following this thread with interest. I'm also experiencing worse pms symptoms as I hurtle towards perimenopause. I'm 42. It is much more pronounced these days, I often only remember that my period is due because of the irrational rage I feel and the disproportionate teariness/sobbing about a song on the radio etc. Chuffing hormones.

SlovenlyWrench Tue 26-Jun-18 23:10:05

Argh bloody phone.

Pessaries = vaginal

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Wed 27-Jun-18 03:55:39

Buckys, I did start a thread:

Summer, I had to get it from a naturopath to get a strong enough dose. It doesn’t have a brand and to be honest I don’t know how much I’m actually taking. It’s in a liquid mix with some other stuff and I take 15ml per day but it’s not all AC.

People do seem to have very mixed reactions and responses to AC. I think you do need to discuss it with a GP before you take it to make sure it’s what you need. It has been so great for me. PMS is almost totally gone, libido coming back, skin so clear, so much more energy - and that’s only one month in!

OP, I realise you said it’s not for you so I’m not trying to convince you, it’s just information for others who have shown curiosity. smile

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