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Need a handhold. In A&E

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SimplySteve Mon 25-Jun-18 03:02:45

Ambulance to A&E. Waiting for doc 3 hrs now.

Excruciating upper right abdo pain....persistent for over 48 hrs
Intermittent left chest pain
Generalised muscle pain & weakness

Had IV anti sickness and IV paracetamol.

Have had gallbladder removed last year.

I'm scared. I have PTSD and in hospital pj's surrounded by strangers. Really scared sadsad

SimplySteve Mon 25-Jun-18 03:03:19

No energy either.

SlinkyB Mon 25-Jun-18 03:04:55

I'm here. So sorry to hear you are poorly. Are the staff being kind to you? Here for virtual hand hold flowers

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Mon 25-Jun-18 03:15:43

Oh love - PTSD and recent regular in hospital A&E myself. I know how scary it is.

Are they managing to get on top of the pain?We're here thanks

dundermiflin Mon 25-Jun-18 03:38:46

Hand holding. That does sound scary, just remember you're in the best place for it. They'll get you fixed up. What's happening now? thanks

furlinedsheepskinjacket Mon 25-Jun-18 03:49:47

i'm here for a hand hold

i was in a and e last week

you really are in the best place

good luck with moving on to a ward as soon as poss xx

SimplySteve Mon 25-Jun-18 04:23:10

Had some IV morphine after an illuminating chat with a Senior Staff Nurse. It's calmed down but still a 5/6 out of 10. Still got the intermittent chest pain and generalised muscle weakness/pain too.

I'd ask for Diazepam (could do with it).

Staff are ok, one utter bitch (said paracetamol would control the pain), but generally good. 8hr wait for a doc too.

Thanks for the messages, I will be losing access soon as my mobile signal is shit in here and I refuse to pay the extortionate rates they want for wifi access...

SimplySteve Mon 25-Jun-18 04:24:19

I'm currently in an Emergency Ward. Guessing I will be moved to SAU.

Oh, and you're all brill. Thanks for the posts, made me smile 🙂

smurfy2015 Mon 25-Jun-18 04:27:52

Holding your hand as well, im out of hospital a month and im a frequent flyer so have some idea what its like

Worieddd Mon 25-Jun-18 04:30:16

Hope the doctor has seen to you now flowers

huha Mon 25-Jun-18 04:33:06

Hand here thanks

2good Mon 25-Jun-18 04:34:20

Oh you poor thing that sounds awful. Hope they look after you.

I'm in a+e too with my little 9 day baby. She had been roaring crying non-stop for 8 hours and nothing would stop her so I was a bit concerned.

They've done loads of tests and it looks like everything is fine but the reason I'm telling you is this might make you laugh.
They need a urine sample from her (my 9 day old!) so I'm sat here for the last 3 hours with her nappy open and a tiny plastic cup positioned underneath her- in the hopes that 1) she'll do a wee and 2) that I'll catch it confused. She's fast asleep and has drank her bottle so I've non idea if or when she'll want to pee!

Hope the picture of that gave you a laugh anyway grin

fourquenelles Mon 25-Jun-18 04:37:35

SimplySteve I hope you have managed to get some rest, even some sleep and that the pain meds kick in quickly.

2good happy wee catching!

smurfy2015 Mon 25-Jun-18 04:47:05

Totally understand re the wifi, Im lucky my local trust has free wifi thru it.

Hopefully before you lose contact you can download the photo and gif im adding here

Hope you have a charger with you.

smurfy2015 Mon 25-Jun-18 04:59:19

Soz computer is running really slow atm

smurfy2015 Mon 25-Jun-18 05:04:30


smurfy2015 Mon 25-Jun-18 05:10:16

@2good congrats on your 9 day old, hope she is ok and no uti or anything and good luck with wee catching - lucky you

HoppingPavlova Mon 25-Jun-18 05:26:37

2good - they should have an item that looks like a collection bag with peel off adhesive at the top. So you place it over the vulva and stick it down around the area so it can’t move/come off. It’s specific purpose is collecting wee from infant girls. Ask about it as they are generally a stock standard item in any A&E that deals with kids or on paeds wards.

bubbles108 Mon 25-Jun-18 06:23:23

Have you asked the docs about Sphyncter of Oddi Dysfunction?

123MothergotafleA Mon 25-Jun-18 06:48:27

Hmmmmm, that sounds serious does that SOD doesn't it 108?!!!!!😷🤕🤒☹️
Anyway, seriously, hope a sensible Dr. has been to see you now and that your pain is being sorted.

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 25-Jun-18 06:56:34

2good hope your dd is ok and you’re home soon.
Op hope you managed to get some rest despite the pain?
Have you told any of the team that you have ptsd or will they know from your notes might make a difference in your care somehow in the rare chance a single room become free for example might be worth telling them.
💐 for you

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Mon 25-Jun-18 08:39:02

Bubbles it really does sound like Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction doesn't it (after looking it up!). OP I really hope you're more comfortable this morning.

bubbles108 Mon 25-Jun-18 11:19:59

Yes - I think it does. It's very painful but not super serious 💕

SimplySteve Mon 25-Jun-18 12:23:40

Didn't see a doctor until 9am, not joking.

Dxed with Myasthenia Gravis, and investigations pushed forward for the abdominal pain. They've sent me home with meds.

I'm sorry for not updating sooner, I had no mobile service in the A&E bay I was in. Discharged at 11:30 and just arrived home.

SimplySteve Mon 25-Jun-18 12:24:00

I got my diazepam btw. At 10am.....

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