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Bra misery

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BeatenTracktoNowhere Sat 23-Jun-18 02:37:42

Went to a major department store for a bra fitting earlier this week. They confirmed the correct size I should be wearing (34GG) and I came away with two new bras. Was previously wearing the wrong size. I've worn them over the last few days (hoping to break them in) but I'm really struggling. The underwire sits on my ribs and digs in very tightly. I'm struggling to move around or do normal daily tasks when I have it on. It's like having a belt around my chest sad do I just need to persevere or should I go back to the shop and ask to be measured again? Alternatively can anyone recommend a decent none wired bra (with support) for a larger bust?

mozzybites Sat 23-Jun-18 03:29:50

Are you left with red marks or serious rubs when you take them off?

I would try a fitting at another shop particularly if you went to M&S. Bravissimo aren't perfect but they are better. Some areas also have independent shops which can be great.
I can't think that a wireless bra is going to work for you, are you wearing the bra on the loosest setting ? I'm sure you are actually. I think there are also fitting guides online.
Is it the underwire in the cups or the back straps that are causing you the most pain? Sorry, I too have suffered with this nonsense and DH is watching top gear on Amazon.

tectonicplates Sat 23-Jun-18 04:13:06

Are you scooping properly when you put it on? It makes more of a difference than people realise.

PeachesandPie Sat 23-Jun-18 04:19:57

Have you checked your size yourself on boob or bust? Once you have try Molke for the most comfortable bras you will ever wear, and so supportive too (30JJ here).

lljkk Sat 23-Jun-18 08:35:54

What size were you wearing before?
Often on the bra intervention threads there are many claims that very red marks at end of the day is completely normal expected thing to happen (almost implied it's outrageous you would complain about it).

Verbena87 Sat 23-Jun-18 09:36:00

Try bravissimo for decent measuring/fitting.

I’m currently in a 30G but can’t stand underwires as I’m breastfeeding, and have recently bought a couple of m&s ‘fuller cup’ bralettes which are surprisingly good. They’re not as supportive/shapely as a wired bra, but they’re not bad and really comfy.

BeatenTracktoNowhere Sat 23-Jun-18 13:25:25

It wasn't M&S - they were the ones that measured me as an DD cup previously hmm

The wire sits on my ribs (underneath the bust) and leaves red marks when I take it off. The area almost feels like its bruised because its so sore

I think I'm going to make an appointment to be checked again later this week. Thanks for the advice all

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