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I am a civil engineer

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Poorlooloo Fri 22-Jun-18 02:06:45

any questions?

Apologies for being so abrupt but I also have tendonitius in my wrists so typing is limited.. my company wants to know what civil engineering means to people..

Mxyzptlk Fri 22-Jun-18 02:12:26

What do civil engineers do?

Shortyboo Fri 22-Jun-18 02:20:58

What the PP said.

I have a somewhat confused idea about what civil engineering is.

In a sentance, what does s civil engineer do?

Poorlooloo Fri 22-Jun-18 02:25:19

We design and construct all the infrastructure around you, so roads, rail, sewage, airports..

Some of us plan the works, some design it, some manage the construction foot.

Poorlooloo Fri 22-Jun-18 02:26:51

Not foot, of it!

PerspicaciaTick Fri 22-Jun-18 02:31:21

I come from generations of civil engineers. So mostly it is just what people do when they go to work. It does always seem to be a stressful industry to work in.

Poorlooloo Fri 22-Jun-18 02:36:31

Stressful... yes, bu no more than any other professional from my experience. What did your relatives work in to be stressed?

MountainGoats Fri 22-Jun-18 02:39:10

Which role do you do within civil engineering? Do you enjoy it? Do you come across men believing you aren't technical enough for their queries?

MountainGoats Fri 22-Jun-18 02:40:59

Can I change men to people. Thinking about it both sexes seem surprised when I can answer technical questions (I work in a form of engineering)

BouleBaker Fri 22-Jun-18 02:46:30

What comes first, design need or budget? And how much does lack of budget mean you can’t design what’s actually fit for purpose?

PerspicaciaTick Fri 22-Jun-18 02:46:41

You are probably right - I think that (looking at it from the outside) it was the lumpy nature of the workload, the impact of recessions on major projects (with regular cycles of lay offs and cancelled projects), plus the eternal conflict of trying to do a job properly on a budget that only covered 80% of the deliverables. Families constantly relocating, following the work around the country (and the world).
However, it must have something going for it - as a family we do seem to keep coming back to the profession.

Poorlooloo Fri 22-Jun-18 02:48:57

I was a site engineer for a few years, so managing works on site. I then did some planning for awhile, so working out sequences of work,resources etc.
I now am a forensic planner, so work out where and why projects overrun..

EdWinchester Fri 22-Jun-18 02:50:29

I’m a building engineer. Many people think they’re one and the same. 🤔

Catmint Fri 22-Jun-18 02:52:46

My Dad was a Civil Engineer. It's a hidden profession, I think, as we take infrastructure for granted.

How do you deal with working on things you may not personally agree with, such as additional runway, HS2 etc?

Do you feel a sense of ownership / pride / regret over things you've been part of? Do you go over a bridge etc and think, "I built this!" ( I know they're all a huge team effort, but you know what I mean).

Poorlooloo Fri 22-Jun-18 02:53:30

boule, good question. Need comes first I think. Then we realise we have a budget, and poloitics comes in to play.

We need,in my open, a better connected rail network.

FastWindow Fri 22-Jun-18 03:01:50

So a civil engineer is a polite train driver? <both misses and makes point>

I'm a Chartered Accountant. Does anyone know what I do, from the job ' description'?

Poorlooloo Fri 22-Jun-18 03:02:07

catmint I have a massive sense of pride with my buildings! Kings cross and some parts of the DLR are ‘mine’!

I see where people disagree with HS2, but i am for it. We need to distribute the wealth and focus off SE of england.

Saz1995 Fri 22-Jun-18 03:22:31

My dad’s a civil engineer and my brother is currently doing all his exams and training to become one smile

MaryDoloresOHoolihan Fri 22-Jun-18 03:44:53

My dad is a long retired Civil Engineer. At most points in my childhood our living room floor and/or dining table was covered in blueprints and other assorted engineer-y paperwork 😀. He would spend hours explaining "his" latest bridge/harbour to me and my brother. He had to work underwater, and we had no idea at the time how dangerous his job was.

BoomBoomsCousin Fri 22-Jun-18 03:47:42

Is it still poorly paid compared to other engineering disciplines?

When I first went to uni I wanted to be a civil engineer, but was put off by the pay and went into computing instead.

DustOffYourHighestHopes Fri 22-Jun-18 04:57:12

Who’s responsible for designing the public toilet systems and capacities in train stations etc?

Sillybilly1234 Fri 22-Jun-18 05:06:41

Does it annoy you when every man and his dog call themselves an Engineer I.e. washing machine repair man / woman?

shakeyourcaboose Fri 22-Jun-18 05:10:54

Is there a massive difference between the running style of private/public projects? How curtailed were you on the gov ones?

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