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What would you do with this house?

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Newhouseyeah Thu 21-Jun-18 21:17:50

Finally exchanged today on our dream (or as close as it gets) house (have name changed as massively outing). We've bought this:

We've got a one year old DS, planning on putting him in small bedroom on first floor. Ensuite bedroom will be our master. Study will become playroom. End of kitchen/open area to be 'fenced' off with some kind of barrier to create play area for DS to entertain himself while I cook. Formal dining room used for all meals rather than table in kitchen as currently. Main sitting room for adults/devoid of plastic crap (we are overwhelmed in current house).

Just thinking re

Furniture- what to consider/buy
Decoration- should we do any updating? Some of the wallpaper prints are a bit dated...

ScreamingValenta Thu 21-Jun-18 21:22:44

It's got a swimming pool! Personally, I would be spending too much time in the pool to be bothered with redecorating grin.

However I think my first priority would be to get rid of the violently printed wall paper and go for something plainer.

WaitRun Thu 21-Jun-18 21:23:00

Wow that is a super gorgeous house - many congratulations!

I would change the wall paper, the carpet in the dining room, and the toilet in the bathroom. I've found most of these old style toilets just don't flush well at all.

Personally I would also paint the wood bannisters and around the doors etc to white to make it look cleaner.

WaitRun Thu 21-Jun-18 21:24:13

I would change all the curtains too to plain/more modern ones.

Newhouseyeah Thu 21-Jun-18 21:25:08

Fab suggestions, agree the wallpaper is a bit much.

DH loves wood so I'd have a job to convince him to paint the bannisters.

Obviously the first priority is to take a dip grin

Newhouseyeah Thu 21-Jun-18 21:26:15

I'm a bit scared about how much new curtains might cost Waitrun, I know that's silly in the context of the house but omg the pelmets shock

NT53NJT Thu 21-Jun-18 21:26:56

Wow that's a great house. Congratulations smile

Newhouseyeah Thu 21-Jun-18 21:27:39's been a headache to push through and massively relieved the chain is now locked down!

EspressoButler Thu 21-Jun-18 21:28:21

It’s stunning. Congratulations
I’d lose the blue carpets and the wallpapers, both of which are quite dated.
Hopefully there is a lovely wooden floor under the dining room carpet, if not I’d put one in.
Other than that I’d just move my belongings in grin
The period furniture in the ad goes well with the house. The pine less so, there is no need for the furniture to match the doors wink

aldaniti Thu 21-Jun-18 21:28:50

My gosh it's cheap there! What a beautiful house for that price. I wouldn't change anything 😳

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Thu 21-Jun-18 21:29:46

I think your FIRST priority is to let me move in!
It's lovely!

Not keen on the terracotta ceiling in living room or exposed brick in kitchen but it's mostly v nice.
Don't buy sofas like theirs!

ChristmasTablecloth Thu 21-Jun-18 21:30:14

clickable link

Newhouseyeah Thu 21-Jun-18 21:30:54

I know aldaniti, we are very lucky compared to other is however industrial and educational standards are not brilliantly high

siwel123 Thu 21-Jun-18 21:32:17


Newhouseyeah Thu 21-Jun-18 21:32:36

squiffanys I was thinking eBay chesterfield sofas so they're already worn in ?

WaitRun Thu 21-Jun-18 21:33:01

@Newhouseyeah If budget is an issue (understandably) just change those black and white curtains in the window on the staircase. I'm also not too keen on that blue carpet in the hallway and stairs, but it would do I suppose for now smile

MikeUniformMike Thu 21-Jun-18 21:34:55

Lovely. I'm tempted to invite myself round.
Don't paint the wood.
I wouldn't do anything until I knew what exactly what I wanted to do.

Newhouseyeah Thu 21-Jun-18 21:36:13

I'm not sure Waitrun, we're not loaded by any stretch, just lucky to be a two-professional-income family in a cheap really no idea how much things like those curtains cost confused We're currently in a new build we bought 5 years ago and have done NOTHING to!

Newhouseyeah Thu 21-Jun-18 21:37:26

That's what I'm thinking @MikeUniformMike, I've no idea what to do with it (or too many ideas!), and don't want to mess it up as I love it!

Pluckedpencil Thu 21-Jun-18 21:39:32

Don't you dare paint the wood!!

It's all lovely, big but still homely. What a bargain, it's lush!!!

WaitRun Thu 21-Jun-18 21:40:12

@Newhouseyeah I believe you, you sound just like me. Lived in rented accommodation my adult life, and still can't figure out how things match and what colour curtains to buy or how to do any type of deco blush. It seems I'm good at critiquing though blush

suckonthatmaureen Thu 21-Jun-18 21:40:22

I have windows that size. You won't be able to buy off the peg curtains, so get a sewing machine!! Failing that, ask in fabric shops/dress makers/ laundrettes if they know of anyone who makes curtains. Far cheaper than made to measure in stores.

I'd always leave things as they are until you've had a few seasons in a house, you really get to know it that way.

Another problem we had was all our old furniture, pictures and mirrors looked dwarfed by the high ceilings, you might find you need to rethink things there!

Teddy1970 Thu 21-Jun-18 21:41:48

Gah! I want to see it, the link doesn't work! (stamps foot)

DinosApple Thu 21-Jun-18 21:42:31

Beautiful house OP! I'd give it 6 months and then decide.

The blue carpet and terracotta ceiling would go after that, but personally I find it easier to make decisions after living somewhere for a while.

Bobbybobbins Thu 21-Jun-18 21:42:31

Would live in it tbh for a while so you can see what you want to replace the wallpaper/carpet with - it's worth seeing a room in different lights.

Gorgeous house!

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