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There's no better feeling than...

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mumof2sarah Thu 21-Jun-18 06:24:01

I recently started a post about what you're greatful for and I loved how positive and happy it was so I thought it would be nice for another one. Real light hearted one. Everyone has something little when they do it, it feels amazing so mine is (I have 2):

1) there's no better feeling than that moment you get in take off your bra and put on your comfies.

2) there's no better feeling than sinking into a nice hot bubble bath and feeling the tension leave with the steam

What's yours?

PhyllisWig Thu 21-Jun-18 06:31:32

Waking up and realising it's Sunday and I don't have to get up.

RunningAddict Thu 21-Jun-18 06:32:43

Getting into bed with fresh covers on grin

Weezol Thu 21-Jun-18 06:32:45

First cup of tea in the morning

The shipping forecast

When out and about, parents doing that thing with toddlers where they say 'I really am going now' if the child won't come to them when asked several times. Parent walks about three steps and you can almost hear the kid thinking 'Oh, no, they really are going this time!' And the child launches into a headlong baby giraffe style gallop towards the parent and is picked up and hugged.

Fluffiest Thu 21-Jun-18 06:36:01

weezol that's brilliant!

Reading a book in a patch of sunlight streaming through the window.

Whackytaco Thu 21-Jun-18 06:37:15

Getting into a warm fresh bed with fresh pjs on after a bath on a cold winter's night and nice glass of red and a good book.

Leaving work on the last day before your annual leave.

SoddingUnicorns Thu 21-Jun-18 06:37:23

Getting up this morning, and not crying in pain. I’ve had a horrible bug, blood poisoning and abcesses under my arms. I’m sore, but I’m up without wanting to cry!

acornsandnuts Thu 21-Jun-18 06:38:19

Waking up to clear blue sky.

N0tfinished Thu 21-Jun-18 06:38:55

I loved putting sun cream sticky children into the bath after a sunny day in the garden. You know when you lift them out already nodding from tiredness

Clevs Thu 21-Jun-18 06:41:17

Driving home from work after a night shift and seeing everyone else on their way to work knowing you can spend the day in peace and with the bed to yourself.

NotTakenUsername Thu 21-Jun-18 06:43:47

New socks

earlybyrd Thu 21-Jun-18 06:45:11

Waking up on the first morning of your holiday in different surroundings

FabulouslyFab Thu 21-Jun-18 06:47:07

Waking uo to a new day

When you get dressed and your clothes are just that little bit loser because the diet is working!! (Writing this on a morning when they are definitely tighter .... sad

Fuzzyend Thu 21-Jun-18 06:47:21

When one of my lanky huge teenage sons decides that they still like the occasional hug.

LivinLaVidaLoki Thu 21-Jun-18 06:48:12

When ds tells me all about his school day on the way home.
When dh knows I've had a stressful work day and actually listens without interrupting while I tell him about it.

ShirleyPhallus Thu 21-Jun-18 06:48:56

Beautiful thread

For me, the lovely fuzzy tummy feeling of getting dressed up for a date with DP on a warm evening. The anticipation of seeing each other and knowing you’ll have a fab night

thebear1 Thu 21-Jun-18 06:54:05

Seeing you elderly cat asleep in a patch of sunlight, looking content.
Leaving work for the start of a period of annual leave.

bonnyblithe Thu 21-Jun-18 07:24:36

* the child launches into a headlong baby giraffe style gallop towards the parent and is picked up and hugged.*

Awww! sniff

One of mine is when you go on holiday and you've arrived at night, and you wake up the next morning and see the holiday sun for the first time.

Snorfig Thu 21-Jun-18 07:32:25

Snuggling up with my little daughters in my bed on a weekend morning. All smelly hair and silly iPad noises and brioche crumbs, while I tank up on coffee and crosswords. Our weekdays are a hectic scramble of school, nursery, work, bedtime, running etc. It’s lovely to just stop and slob.

MrsMoggy Thu 21-Jun-18 07:34:23

Having a wee after you’ve been desperate for most of the journey!

Stormwhale Thu 21-Jun-18 07:35:50

The fresh smell of the air on a morning that tells you it's going to be a hot day.

KlutzyDraconequus Thu 21-Jun-18 07:36:24

Sitting with my DD having a chat after she's had a bad dream.

She comes into my room and we sit and talk quiy earnestly about random nonsense in the middle of the night. The only downside is she's 5 and has to go back to bed to get up for school. sad

Luckystar1 Thu 21-Jun-18 07:39:47

I love watching my children playing together unaware that I’m watching. They are 3.5 years and almost 2 and sometimes just play so beautifully it makes my heart burst (most of the time they’re killing each other so it makes a welcome break!!)

VladmirsPoutine Thu 21-Jun-18 07:40:15

Hot shower after a long and draining shift.

First cigarette of the day with a very hot cup of tea.

When the train arrives on time.

Bitsandbobsalot Thu 21-Jun-18 07:45:27

Lay in bed feeling my baby boy dance round my belly. I’ve waited years and years to feel him and I love it

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