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Lost comforter help! Do you have this panda?

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ChesterCake Thu 21-Jun-18 03:43:54

We left our holiday caravan on Monday and must have checked 15 times that we had packed this panda that has been by DS’s side for the last 4 years, low and behold it hasn’t arrived home with us 😩. Not handed in at the caravan either.

Does anyone have this panda that they don’t want anymore? Obviously happy to pay and pay postage! After another sleepless night I’m so tired we need a replacement.

It’s an aurora gangly gang panda, ours is the 12 inch but I’m sure the 16 inch would also be a suitable alternative! Thanks in advance x

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 21-Jun-18 05:20:59

It sounds obviously but have you checked on Ebay and Amazon

ChesterCake Thu 21-Jun-18 07:08:47

Yes ive spent hours trawling eBay in particular, Ive has alerts set up incase this happens but one hasn’t come up for sale for over a year

ChesterCake Thu 21-Jun-18 11:50:31

Hopeful lunchtime bump

mossyroundhill Thu 21-Jun-18 12:14:56

I've had a look online and unfortunately I can't find one, but giving this a bump for you hoping you find one!

newroundhere Thu 21-Jun-18 12:25:32

I can't see that they make them any more but maybe get in touch with the manufacturer?

DeckSofa Thu 21-Jun-18 13:00:50

It seems to be sold out online, everywhere I've looked!

I found this and this, I know they're not the same though. Maybe the knitted one could be the lost one's "cousin" until you find the exact one?

ChesterCake Thu 21-Jun-18 17:43:48

Great ideas thank you ladies. I will look through the links with DP tonight, I think the knitted one turning up on the doorstep with a suitcase might passify DS in the short term!
Will also contact the manufacturer to see if they can help 🤞

TurtleDoveLiving Thu 21-Jun-18 21:45:24

Hi ChesterCake

We are so sad to hear of your lost Panda.
We would love to send your child the replacement Panda which DeckSofa tagged above, to hopefully help with the sleepless nights and give your child some comfort.

Please let me know and I'll send out to you asap
Claire (Turtle Dove Livin)

ChesterCake Fri 22-Jun-18 17:42:25

Hi Claire that is so kind! Can you PM me on here? X

newroundhere Fri 22-Jun-18 18:47:19

Awwwwww - hopefully a happy ending! smile

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