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Just a late night/early morning observation

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LuluJakey1 Thu 21-Jun-18 00:27:39

I am having trouble sleeping at the moment. I often do at this time of year and at its worst I can be wide awake all night. Anyway, DH is asleep and both DC asleep and I have been downstairs. Thought I would do something useful so I decided to put the bins out for the morning. It was nice out, so I got my key and had a little walk across the field towards the sea and lighthouse. The sky was still light in the north looking up towards Scotland. It was really peaceful and quiet. No people or traffic. I stood and looked at the light sky for a bit and then turned back and walked home. Bumped into a fox in our street passing our garden. We just sort of looked at each other as he/she passed- clearly on a mission. Came in and got into bed. DH still fast asleep. No one knows I was gone. It is my own little midnight adventure.

ColoursOfRain Thu 21-Jun-18 00:29:30


LuluJakey1 Thu 21-Jun-18 00:37:42

I am pondering what other unknown little adventures I could have at this time of night smile

mrselizabethdarcy Thu 21-Jun-18 00:38:54

Sounds lovely.

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 21-Jun-18 00:43:41

Sounds like a lovely adventure.

I live by a gorgeous arboretum - very occasionally DH and I take the dog for a midnight walk around the lake. Should do it more often. It's really quite life enhancing.


catsofa Thu 21-Jun-18 00:49:07

I desperately miss being able to go for walks at night. Now I'm a single parent I can't leave the house after my son's bedtime sad.

kinseymilhone Thu 21-Jun-18 00:59:01

I totally get this! I had a little adventure one night a few weeks ago and it actually felt quite magical. I was lying in bed worrying, not being able to remember if I had done something for my horses that needed doing. It was about 1am and I suddenly thought "I'm just going to go over there and check". So I got up, threw a jumper over my pjs, crept out of the house, drove the mile over to the yard and checked what I needed to check. It was such a still and balmy night. Then I drove home again and crept back into bed and no one ever knew grin. It was such a lovely feeling of freedom.

Time40 Thu 21-Jun-18 01:13:03

That sounds nice. I'd love to live near a lighthouse.

2blueshoes Thu 21-Jun-18 01:14:31

That does sound lovely.

robindeer Thu 21-Jun-18 01:15:47

Another summer insomniac here. Your adventure sounds so lovely.

bananafish81 Thu 21-Jun-18 01:21:19

That sounds lovely!

I was asleep but because it's warm I've had the bedroom window open a little, and got woken up by some local drug dealers parking up their car and having a very loud conversation, sharing a spliff and one of them having a 10 min long coughing fit that woke me up. angryI eavesdropped for a bit, established that one of them does a 7 bag minimum hmm

Now I'm awake!! Midnight arboretum walk sounds beautiful too

MaryDoloresOHoolihan Thu 21-Jun-18 01:21:53

I feel as though I've had a mini-adventure just reading that 😀 How lovely, I struggle to sleep too and the thought that I could just do something similar right now is cheering me up. I met a lovely fox the other day, and he was carrying a rather large pheasant in his mouth, the clever thing 😀

LuluJakey1 Thu 21-Jun-18 01:35:31

Since I last posted I have had another adventure. The cat came in with a vole- still fully alive and unnjured; she had carried it very carefully so she could chase it round the kitchen. I heard her 'miaow with her mouth full' so went downstairs to find her standing on a pile of folded towels. The vole was underneath them. I picked him up and put him in a tupperware, put my mac on over my PJs and took him round to the bridleway and released him, away from her as she would just have caught him again. It is dark now and incredibly quiet. There's a cool breeze rustlng the trees.
DH still fast asleep. I could be doing anything really. Am wide awake again and have made a mug of tea. I am sitting in the dark in the garden room watching the outlines of the trees.
DD usually wakes about 6. I might just do some ironing. grin

TanteRose Thu 21-Jun-18 01:38:05


EnidButton Thu 21-Jun-18 02:46:44

I watched snow fall at around 3am once. Really heavy, silent snow. There was a full moon and it was glittering when as it landed. No lights on in any of the houses I could see so as far as I knew it was just me on our close who saw it. By 7am every last trace of it had gone. That felt pretty special, like it was just for me.

The roads and frogs appear in our garden at night. Saw a huge fat hedgehog raiding the birdseed tray a couple of times.

I honestly think the depths of the night can be the best time. Nice thread smile I'm fancying a 3am midnight snack now...

EnidButton Thu 21-Jun-18 02:49:10

Excuse the typos, I am actually quite sleepy now. Still tempted to go for snacks.

Figmentofimagination Thu 21-Jun-18 02:54:50

I'm currently wide awake as I'm coming down with a cold and the wind is strong here making all the fence panels rattle. It's driving me insane.
A nice quiet stroll sounds lovely right about now to clear my head, but I know as soon as I get up DH would wake up which isn't fair on him as he has to be up at 4 for work. So I'll just lie in bed MNting instead.

cornishmumtobe Thu 21-Jun-18 03:08:33

I love how different downstairs feels in the middle of the night. Like everything is sleepy and heavy and you have to try not to disturb anything as you creep about.

SadieHH Thu 21-Jun-18 03:15:56

Sounds beautiful. I'm also awake (obviously!) but my stroll would only take in the boringness of suburbia. I'd definitely be out if it involved a sea view and a lighthouse. I love the middle of the night.

MuckyMare Thu 21-Jun-18 03:17:02

Sounds magical!

MuckyMare Thu 21-Jun-18 03:17:45

When I put the bins out I just see 40 other terraced houses grin

user546425732 Thu 21-Jun-18 03:22:25

Sounds wonderful. I'm thinking of your walk as I wore from a nightmare where my boss told me my father had died, that's entirely plausible son is cant sleep.

user546425732 Thu 21-Jun-18 03:22:42

^ woke

frasier Thu 21-Jun-18 03:27:03

DH asleep but DS woke and we had a little chat in the semi darkness, just 3 year old stuff smile.

Would love a walk outside but sciatica playing up do better not. Will just imagine your walk OP!

LuluJakey1 Thu 21-Jun-18 04:07:33

I did doze off on the sofa and have just woken up. Now it is past dawn and the light is an amazing pale blue/grey and the blackbirds are singing. It is so peaceful! The trees are sort of rippling in the breeze and the light is making them a really intense darkish colour against the colour of the sky. I must miss all of this every morning.
Ah well, Wordworth moment past (I wandered lonely as a cloud etc), I think I will go up to bed for an hour or so until DD wakes up (hope she sleeps in today). Night night everyone.

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