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Help me make a list of life skills for kids (please!)

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DeltaG Wed 20-Jun-18 13:57:11

I was thinking recently about the things that school doesn't teach, but are nonetheless invaluable skills for a successful and happy life. So I started to make a list, that I intend to follow when my DC get older. Here is what I have so far;

- Personal finance (not sure if this is taught these days but it wasn't when I was at school in the 90s)
- Cooking and meal planning
- First aid
- Sewing
- Time management
- Basic household maintenance (how to wire a plug etc.)

Can people think of others or elaborate on what I have already? Thanks!

twofloorsup Wed 20-Jun-18 13:57:44

Confidence when making phone calls.

ShoesJerry Wed 20-Jun-18 13:58:29


WoodenCat Wed 20-Jun-18 13:59:27

How to write a letter and address an envelope properly.

Omgineedanamechange Wed 20-Jun-18 14:00:08

With the exception of time management, I was taught all of that at school.

AsAProfessionalFekko Wed 20-Jun-18 14:00:09

A foreign language
Martial Arts
How to: play tennis, card games
Football/cricket/rugby rules
Basic formal dancing

oigetoffmycheese Wed 20-Jun-18 14:00:32

Confidence in general, looking people in the eye, saying hello, shaking hands etc.

Ordering food in restaurants

Complaining about bad service without being a dick to the serving staff.

Returning items to retailers

Knowing your basic legal rights

Swimming (I know some don't reckon this but I do)


Omgineedanamechange Wed 20-Jun-18 14:00:37

Few cross posts there, my answer was to the OP

PalePinkSwan Wed 20-Jun-18 14:01:14

Not sure about wiring a plug - I did learn that at school but haven’t done it 30 years on.

But yes household maintenance, basic car maintenance, basic gardening (enough to grow some salad and herbs).

Personal finance definitely, especially the importance of starting a pension early.

Safety, both in day to day life and in emergencies.

How to say no politely and stick to it.

user1471459936 Wed 20-Jun-18 14:01:54

Map reading
Understanding bus / train times

PalePinkSwan Wed 20-Jun-18 14:02:41

Basics of law definitely. I used to be a solicitor and the lack of knowledge people came in with was terrifying sometimes (especially the “common law wife” thing).

How to spot red flags in friendships and relationships.

Nabootique Wed 20-Jun-18 14:02:45

Job hunting and interview skills.

Rowse Wed 20-Jun-18 14:04:21

How to help someone in a crisis or emergency

How to use public transport

Basic gardening skills

How to write a covering letter

drearydeardre Wed 20-Jun-18 14:04:40

negotiating - pay rise, property purchase, with tradesmen
sticking to a budget
making conversation

WeirdScenesInsideTheGoldmine Wed 20-Jun-18 14:04:49

Table etiquette
Changing beds
Fix puncture
Accepting compliments graciously

catinasplashofsunshine Wed 20-Jun-18 14:05:05

Delta do people still wire plugs? I'm 43 and although I learned how to at school I've never had a plug in need of wiring since!

oigetoffmycheese Wed 20-Jun-18 14:06:13

How to save money/budget

drearydeardre Wed 20-Jun-18 14:07:22

re plugs - most are now sealed in - so my plug changing skill is obsolete! but everyone should understand correct fuses for appliances and how to reset trip switches in the event of electrical problems.

user1471459936 Wed 20-Jun-18 14:07:28

How to deal with bullies
How to stay safe online

AsAProfessionalFekko Wed 20-Jun-18 14:07:31

Sensible and safe use of social media - I'm sure they teach it but some aren't listening!
Conusmer rights

elQuintoConyo Wed 20-Jun-18 14:08:15

How it is ok to help friends byt not become a crutch to them.

How to whittle a flute.

How to make a 3-ingredient cake.

How to use a bank machine (honestly, those things scared me until about 16yo, don't get me started on cheques! blush )

How to use white stuff: oven, mike, washing machine.

House keeping: how often to change sheets/towels, how to defrosy freezer...

catinasplashofsunshine Wed 20-Jun-18 14:10:12

Sorry, Pale already said similar.

How to navigate public transport.

How to find information if you need it.

To recognise symptoms of common health crises such as strokes, heart attacks, choking, heat stroke, febrile convulsions in babies, meningitis, sepsis - and what to do.

Sceptical and critical thinking skills applied to all forms of media and most of what anyone says grin

WoodenCat Wed 20-Jun-18 14:10:47

Cleaning a toilet and bathroom

TeenTimesTwo Wed 20-Jun-18 14:11:13

I think most of AsAProfessional's list are nice to haves not life skills.

My DD is 18, we prioritised:
- personal finance
- driving
- cooking
- swimming
- household skills (eg use of washing machine, making a bed etc)
- basic first aid
- ability to book things online and use public transport
- making phone calls
- going to doctor alone
- how not to follow the crowd
- looking after mental and physical health

The DIY lessons will come when she moves out I think. Plugs come pre-wired these days so that isn't really necessary, but changing a fuse, understanding about a household fusebox etc is helpful.

Leeds2 Wed 20-Jun-18 14:12:00

Riding a bike.
Working out a suitable mobile phone contract.
Knowing how the electoral system works.
Using your local library.
Basic manners.
How to put things in alphabetical order. I volunteer in a primary school, and even the years 5 and 6 can't do this. I have assumed it isn't taught anymore.
How, and what, to recycle.

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