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If I was to shop the ingredients and cook these meals

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notacooldad Tue 19-Jun-18 21:29:49

If I made these meals for tea ( tea , where I come from is th evening meal, not necessarily a hot drink that you have with a biscuit, that is known a a brew!) would you eat it.

This is a light hearted banter that I'm currently having at home!
I'm not interested if your kids would eat it or not, there's no kids involved!
This is the menu I'm suggesting I make as I'm going to be around to make the meals but I want to do something quick and easy so we both can go out.

I'm getting this look. > 👀

Monday. Sweet potato hash with chili and lemon preserve
Tuesday veg kebabs with miso and ginger glaze
Wednesday cauliflower biryani with crisp onions
Thursday. Walnut, spinach and tangerine pilaf
Friday vegetable makhani ( a creamy curry)
Saturday roast onions with squash and pine stuffing
Sunday mushroom Wellington with roast cauliflower and rosemary gravy

Week 2
Monday roast squash with apple ( well not only apple, there's a dressing involved!)
Tuesday chicory with orange and pomegranate
Wednesday no one home
Roast cauliflower with pay lentil purée
Thursday spelt salad with germolata ( germolata is just lemon, Parsley and garlic
Friday roast spiced beetroot with radicchio and orange
Saturday. Cavolo Nero with oats
Sunday. We go to a restaurant!!

doesitgetany Tue 19-Jun-18 21:31:52

Sounds delicious!

Almondio Tue 19-Jun-18 21:33:01

Please come and cook for me. Sounds amazing!

PurpleDaisies Tue 19-Jun-18 21:33:47

There’s a lot of fruit with main courses which isn’t my thing.

I love the sound of the stuffed onions. Have you got a recipe?

notacooldad Tue 19-Jun-18 21:33:52

Because I am having the piss taken out of me here!

I have been going through the cookbooks on the shelf and looking at what is going to be the most efficient and time saving meals!

notacooldad Tue 19-Jun-18 21:35:21

Purple bear with me for the recipe!

PurpleDaisies Tue 19-Jun-18 21:35:27

I have been going through the cookbooks on the shelf and looking at what is going to be the most efficient and time saving meals!

You need more freezer to oven food if that’s your goal!

Passthecake30 Tue 19-Jun-18 21:35:32

I'd eat it except for the currysmile

What's cavelo Nero and oats??

PurpleDaisies Tue 19-Jun-18 21:36:12

Saturday. Cavolo Nero with oats

Is this a whole meal?

LockedOutOfMN Tue 19-Jun-18 21:36:36

Sounds delicious, OP, yes I'd eat it with relish!

thedevilinablackdress Tue 19-Jun-18 21:37:46

Lovely. Looks similar to what we have. Some of them might be a bit experimental in the "It was good...but I wouldn't have it again" sense. But that's part of the fun 😁

ReadingRiot Tue 19-Jun-18 21:38:02

It all sounds great, but it can't possibly be the quickest way to get dinner on the table!

SueDunome Tue 19-Jun-18 21:38:42

I was going to ask if you've been watching too much Jamie Oliver 😀, but it all sounds good to me.

Surfingwhippet Tue 19-Jun-18 21:39:21

I would think some of these are not very filling

SandysMam Tue 19-Jun-18 21:39:44

It sounds very windy!!!

ClashCityRocker Tue 19-Jun-18 21:40:24

Chicory the orange and pomegranate sounds nice for a starter, but not sure for a tea tea.

TheSpottedZebra Tue 19-Jun-18 21:40:30

These aren't quick things. For some reason, this doesn't read as real.
Are you pretending that this is your meal plan?

Nothisispatrick Tue 19-Jun-18 21:40:39

I wouldn't be very happy about it to be honest. Tangerine rice? Some of it doesn't sound like a filling dinner for me, does the sweet potato hash come with anything? And the chicory? Isn't that just lettuce?

Also how does one stuff an onion? And roast beetroot? The more I go back and look at the menu the more I hate it. Sounds utterly unsatisfactory.

Phosphorus Tue 19-Jun-18 21:40:44

I'm exhausted just thinking about shopping for and prepping food like that every night.

We are more of a 'food is fuel' family though.

I'll eat pretty much anything someone cooks for me, but I'd rather have less fussy stuff.

ChristmasTablecloth Tue 19-Jun-18 21:41:17

I'd have the hump if I wasn't vegan.

LadyMetroland Tue 19-Jun-18 21:41:54

Most of it sounds nice but you definitely need cheese/sour cream/eggs added to some of those dishes

Eg the cavalo Nero and oats!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 19-Jun-18 21:42:47

They sound amazing! My only concern is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of protein?

Are you vegan btw? And what cookbooks are you using?

0hCrepe Tue 19-Jun-18 21:43:43

Chicory, orange and pomegranate... and?
I made chicory stuffed with quinoa and beetroot, nuts and goats cheese which was nice

BarbaraofSevillle Tue 19-Jun-18 21:44:13

it all sounds great, but it can't possibly be the quickest way to get dinner on the table

^^ This. I see a lot of prep and a lot of time in the oven or simmering on the hob. Not particularly quick at all.

Stir fries?
Can some of the meals be done in a slow cooker?

Is the person making the face objecting to the type of food, or doubting it's time saving properties?

Atalune Tue 19-Jun-18 21:44:18

Some of them sound like side dishes rather than main meals.

However they all sound bloody lovely!

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