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Mother- blaming research study report about how much attention small DC should get

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NetofLemons Tue 19-Jun-18 07:59:36

Headline: Leave those kids alone.
Is this the anti-woman Guardian bias at work again? Is the study flawed? What about dads?
What is the magical line mothers should draw between giving their kids too little attention and too much? Nobody can say. How did the researchers know what caused the problems in the children if they didn’t know what the magical line is?

Note how ‘attention’ paid to children and helping them quickly morphs in the Guardian report to mothers ‘being controlling’.

TLDR; useless mothers fucking up their kids again.... hmm

OhTheTastyNuts Tue 19-Jun-18 08:24:36

So the researchers observed six minutes of interaction in total?

NetofLemons Tue 19-Jun-18 09:06:29

Exactly. But the result = mothers are being too controlling and we’re all doomed...

NetofLemons Tue 19-Jun-18 09:09:06

Also if I had a researcher watching me interact with my kids I don’t think i’d be wandering off to make myself a cup of tea or leaving them to work it out alone in that time..

FizzyGreenWater Tue 19-Jun-18 10:09:28

I no longer read the Guardian, what with being a woman and all - it's clearly no longer a publication which represents me or places any value on me. Feels great, I thoroughly recommend it!

Bytheseabythesea Tue 19-Jun-18 11:03:59

I am an almost lifelong guardian reader from a long line of guardian readers but this headline was peak guardian for me

Bytheseabythesea Tue 19-Jun-18 11:19:12

... In terms of being anti women in the ways described by OP

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