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Please help - Severely itchy eyes from hayfever!

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FoffHayfever Mon 18-Jun-18 07:58:48

Hello all, am after any recommendations as to what products/things could help me!

I have full blown hayfever and am currently taking a tablet a day, plus using the nose spray but god my eyes are driving me mental. Its unbearable and the chemist doesn't open til 9.

Anyone with the same issue find anything that actually helps? I tried the itchy eyes drops from optrex last year and they were useless.

MarthasGinYard Mon 18-Jun-18 08:02:23

I take a tablet and nose spray too.

On bad days I also use opticrom eye drops they are now available over the counter and are brilliant.

WiltedDaffs Mon 18-Jun-18 08:03:29

I find sometimes it’s the skin around my eyes that’s itching so the Opticrom eye drops don’t work.

I end up washing my face and applying a thin layer of eye cream to my skin. Seems to stop the pollen getting to my skin and relieve the itching for a little while.

Penfold007 Mon 18-Jun-18 08:45:51

Optrex allergy eye drops and glasses especially when outside. Antihistamine tablet and nose spray as well.

CocoDeMoll Mon 18-Jun-18 08:47:47

What I want to do: apply sandpaper to my eyes and down the back of my throat.

What I actually do: Liz Earl toner on cotton wool over eyes.

househunthappening Mon 18-Jun-18 08:58:43

Serial hayfever sufferer here!

For some instant relief for your eyes soak some teabags in cold icy water and press them on your eyes. It should relieve the itching temporarily and take the puffiness down a little bit.

I've never found any eye drops that have helped me personally but remember the eyes and nose are connected, so nasal sprays will help eyes too. Spray into the septum (the bit that divides your nostrils rather than up and try not to sniff or you'll just swallow it. I find sometimes spraying makes me want to sneeze, then I sneeze it all out so if you think you are going to sneeze, let the sneeze out through your nose. Th I bother thing I find is if I'm sitting up the spray just rubs out, so I lie down with my head on the arm of the sofa for five minutes while I do it and that seems to be just the right elevation to keep the in the right place long enough to work.

I'd ring your GP and see if they will prescribe you something. I used to have steroid injections which were amazing and helped me when I literally couldn't open my eyes for 3 months solid every summer. My hayfever isn't quite as bad now as it was back then but at that time these were the only things that made a blind bit of difference. The guidance has changed in them now so you probably won't get that even if you wanted it but my GP has prescribed a tablet and a spray which are helping massively this year. I've attached a photo of them and would say they are worth a try. My GP prescribed these over the phone and I'd say 85% of my symptoms have gone which I can live with.

I really hope you feel better soon and find something that works. I really sympathise because it's the absolute pits when you're suffering thanks

WoodrowWilson Mon 18-Jun-18 08:58:49

I second Opticrom - I get really itchy eyes that go puffy as I rub them - but do find that if I can put in the allergy eye drops as soon as I feel that itchy grain of something in my eye, and not scratch it at all, it really reduces the symptoms.
You can get Opticrom eye drops in single-use doses (pack of 20 is £5.99 from which is really handy for this as you can keep a dose in your pocket/bag for instant administering.
I also always try to wear sunglasses outside and have a shower before bed.
Pirinase nasal spray works best for me. Plus a tablet if really bad.

GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough Mon 18-Jun-18 09:10:52

I live in my sunglasses I wear contact lenses as a lot of drops I can't use

Troels Mon 18-Jun-18 09:14:39

I'm taking a daily Loratidine at the moment, this week is supposed to be really bad for pollen. I have eye drops for when I feel like I have sand in my eyes, optalmologist recommended as I was rubbing and caused some abraisions a few years back. I have the lubricant drops Systain. The others I tried burned when I put them in.
Good reminder I need to pick up more.
My skin is itching like mad and I have red nail marks oon my shoulders and back, even with short cut nail.

Troels Mon 18-Jun-18 09:21:51

Systane, not systain

TwoGinScentedTears Mon 18-Jun-18 09:26:24

Yy to teabags, but chamomile ones get be the best relief! Make up a jug of 4 teabags, let the steep and cool in the fridge. Use the teabags as a compress and the cold tea can be used in the same way soaked into cotton wool. But also get to the gp, fexofenadine is so much better than OTC stuff.

No flowers Because that'd make everything much worse!

househunthappening Mon 18-Jun-18 13:23:56

Oh yes, take the thanks back and give you cake instead!

Semster Mon 18-Jun-18 13:56:39

Fluticasone nasal spray. You do need to use it every day, and ideally you start before hayfever season gets going.

Also all the usual stuff like not drying your clothes or sheets outside, shower regularly to get pollen off, don't rub your eyes, take a good antihistamine every day, wear sunglasses.

I've been having allergy shots and this year I've not had any hayfever symptoms so I guess they've finally worked. Not sure if that's available on the NHS.

FoffHayfever Mon 18-Jun-18 20:23:07

thank you all for your suggestions, really appreciate it!

purywl Mon 18-Jun-18 20:29:42

Op I was always told to put nice cold wet teabags on your eyes and relax. Seriously it works

ElegantDream Mon 18-Jun-18 21:21:14

Depending in severity:

Dry ALL clothes indoors, especially bedding

Keep curtains closed when windows are open.

If gardening, strip off, put clothes in the washing machine and shower immediately

If you have a fringe, wash it when you return home.

Have outdoor and indoor clothes - don't wear outdoor clothes around the house.

If you have carpets/ soft furnishings, get an allergy hoover

Wear sunglasses at all times outdoors. Wash them when you come home.

Smear Vaseline inside nostrils/ in corners of eyes.

Shower before bed - especially washing hair

Put a sheet over bedding/ pillows in the day when the window is open - remove carefully before bed

Have cold eye mask in the fridge (wet things like teabags/ cucumber make my eyes sore

Pollen rises in the heat of the day. At night in the cool, it falls back to the ground - pollen can be bad when it's dark

Go to the dr if over the counter medicines don't work

You need to keep pollen OUT of the house. It collects on clothes/ hair outdoors and is blown in. You need to wash it off or create barriers

ElegantDream Mon 18-Jun-18 21:25:17

Keep car windows shut - use the aircon

Remember others will bring in pollen, so if one person is very bad, then all others might need to do the same.

Don't let outdoor clothes go anywhere near bedding - try to strip off and out clothes in the washing room/ same room as the washing machine

Some possible help:

Local honey can help, if you use it for long enough beforehand

Eat lots of onions/ garlic

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