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What age to learn an instrument?

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crayoladreamz Mon 18-Jun-18 06:38:48

My child’s school offers instrument lessons from Year 2 (private 30 mins, they get pulled out of class for) I think the choices are piano, recorder or violin.

My child has a summer birthday so will be just turned 6 when they start year 2.

I’ve got a feeling that if we start instrument lessons at (say) 8 instead of 6 we won’t have disadvantaged the child much because they’d probably catch up to the same standard quickly.

My child hasn’t shown any sign of being musical.

So what does everyone think the best age to learn is if you’re not expecting to turn out a concert pianist but would just like some musical knowledge and a possibly future hobby.

PsammeadPaintedTheLion Mon 18-Jun-18 06:42:31

7 or 8, I think.

AveAtqueVale Mon 18-Jun-18 06:55:42

I think it depends on what instrument. I started violin at 4, but you get really tiny ones, so hand size isn’t an issue, and I was keen to start. I generally think the earlier the better as practicing etc becomes ingrained at a young age, but not so young they get put off. I think 6/7 is fine. DS1 is almost 4, due to start reception in September, and wants to learn the piano, but I think we’ll leave it til he’s at least in Y1 to let his hands get bigger and his ability to sit still still and our ability to pay for lessons to improve.

IncyWincyGrownUp Mon 18-Jun-18 07:08:51

If there’s the choice to start at six, start at six. Music is stupendous for all areas of learning and a lot of children find it fun and satisfying. Getting the basics out of the way early would be great too, especially with violin.

IncyWincyGrownUp Mon 18-Jun-18 07:09:58

My son started ukulele lessons at five. He adores them, and is not looking forward to the summer break where he’ll have no lessons for seven weeks.

PandaG Mon 18-Jun-18 08:40:37

My piano teacher would not start lessons until I was 7, not sure whether this was about hand size or ability to concentrate.

crayoladreamz Mon 18-Jun-18 13:28:22

Thank you - something to think about over the summer then!

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