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Anyone up for a celeb crush thread?

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SleepIsForTheWeek Thu 14-Jun-18 00:48:36

I've been numb from the neck down since my divorce, but went to see Snow Patrol last week and good god Gary Lightbody has given me all the feels. I've even opened an Instagram account so I can follow him! Anyone else got a celeb crush they want to share?

SneakyGremlins Thu 14-Jun-18 00:51:48

Andrew Lee Potts. I've met him, and he was a dick, but damn if he isn't fine

itsBritneyBeach Thu 14-Jun-18 01:03:24

So very cliche but Leo Decaprio blushgrin gorgeous younger and still has it now!

ooohsopink Thu 14-Jun-18 01:06:37

Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover is just well, yum.

itsBritneyBeach Thu 14-Jun-18 01:07:21

@ooohsopink yes 😍

triwarrior Thu 14-Jun-18 01:12:16

Andrew Scott. Despite that I’m about 4 inches taller and 50lbs heavier than him.

ooohsopink Thu 14-Jun-18 01:26:32

@itsBritneyBeach - it's that little dance at the beginning of TIa that just makes me sigh.

I feel like a perve lol

Also have a pash on Chris Pratt 😍

SneakyGremlins Thu 14-Jun-18 01:42:12

I like pudgy Chris Pratt not ripped Chris Pratt..

ProustianMadeleine Thu 14-Jun-18 01:49:46

The schofe.

I know. I know blush

SleepIsForTheWeek Thu 14-Jun-18 02:55:05

Out of touch so off to google...

vampirethriller Thu 14-Jun-18 09:39:15

Eiza Gonzales
Idris Elba
Richard Ayoade
Richard E Grant
Rachel Weisz
Zane Holtz

I have eclectic tastes!

EscapeTheCastle Thu 14-Jun-18 09:50:47

For me, it's more about who I don't fancy because I have a list as long as my arm of the celebs I fancy. It's rather sad.

I've been watching the Netflix show, Jessica Jones. David Tennant is in it and anyone who has watched that show will tell you my crush on him is simply not healthy and I should have a good hard look at myself - or maybe a read of a self help book at the very least.

MymbleClement Thu 14-Jun-18 11:30:48

Mads Mikkelsen.

He's an unusual looking man. I'm in love with his mouth in particular.

nickinic Thu 14-Jun-18 11:34:10

Cillian Murphy 😍

nickinic Thu 14-Jun-18 11:34:43

And Dwayne Johnson 😍

RoseWhiteTips Thu 14-Jun-18 12:20:09

James Norton
Lee Ingelby
Hugh Laurie
Damian Lewis
Liam Gallagher

MuckyMare Thu 14-Jun-18 12:22:00

Tom Hardy, hugged him. Smells amazing.
Kate McKinnon
Tyler Joseph
Frank Lopez from Hobo Johnson
Shotty horrah
Mykie from Glam and Gore on youtube

FellOutOfBed2wice Thu 14-Jun-18 12:30:37

Dec of Ant and Dec fame. I couldn’t tell you why, I just always have since his PJ and Duncan days when I was about 7.

Aside from that one, I’ve got my normal ones (Hugh Grant, Colin Firth in his Mr. Darcy days), my reawoken ones (Joshua Jackson since he grew up from Dawson’s Creek and went all smouldery on The Affair) and my just plain wrong ones (Eamon Holmes, Ken Stott and Gordon Brown).

vampirethriller Thu 14-Jun-18 12:34:10

Oh yes Dwayne Johnson. And Noel Fielding in his Boosh days.
Don't mind a bit of Guy Fieri either.

PlausibleSuit Thu 14-Jun-18 12:44:41

Colton Haynes
Simon Webbe
Michael Obiora
There's a personal trainer on YouTube called Alex Crockford. He's a bit keen on himself but DAYUM

Yeah, I like the muscles. blush

DrCoconut Thu 14-Jun-18 21:06:11

Max Beesley. I don't really understand it as he isn't the type I have previously liked. Maybe being in my 40's is changing my taste in men.

NorbertTheDragon Thu 14-Jun-18 21:10:51

Just here to inform everyone that Chris Evans (Captain America not the ginger one) is all mine.

Thank you.

Lauren83 Thu 14-Jun-18 21:23:05

Eden Blackman from celebs go dating

twattymctwatterson Thu 14-Jun-18 22:20:37

Tommy Shelby. Not Cillian Murphy, just Tommy Shelby

Cellardoor23 Thu 14-Jun-18 22:28:17

Jon Hamm
Jared Leto
Chris Hemsworth

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