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Hyper and now Hypo-thyroid - and GP says we 'just wait and see'. Is this normal?

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Scaramoose Wed 13-Jun-18 21:08:35

I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in April last year, and as I had no symptoms at all was hesitant about taking carbimazole. I eventually caved in and took it for two months, starting in November. In that two months I put on a stone and a half, weight which had taken me close on two and a half years to lose so it wasn't down to the mild overactive thyroid. I then stopped the carbimazole and later tests showed that my thyroid levels were normal.

Last week a check up thyroid test showed I am now 'mildly underactive', despite coming off the drugs months ago. The GP suggested we 'wait and see', despite my concerns about weight (I am struggling to lose the weight I put on in the first place, something that is not helped by being a Type 1 diabetic) and test again in another 'few months.'

Is this normal practice? I am really upset about the weight side of things and feel as if (I am not weighing myself, but clothes feel tight) waiting could make that side of things worse. I did say this to the GP but she seemed to dismiss it as me being vain. I walk between 55 and 70 miles a week, yes really, and don't drink much. My diet is also reasonably healthy and balanced. I am 43 (no idea if that is relevant but thought I'd throw it in!)

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