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Is this bullying? How can I help??

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CharlieLala Wed 13-Jun-18 20:50:48

I'll try to keep this short. My DD is 10, in year 5. She has had a best friend for the past 5 years or so. A few months ago they started falling out more regularly with my DD saying that she feels she can't do anything right anymore. Everything she says or does is criticised by this girl and she regularly calls my daughter a liar. My DD said when they are talking in their group this girl picks on her accusing her of making up stories, like what she did at the weekend or where we have been on holiday etc. So DD will say we went to the beach and friend will say no you didn't, why are you saying that etc when the friend obviously has no idea if DD has done these things or not!

The class teacher pulled me aside a couple of weeks ago and said she has noticed a change in my DD behaviour for example she will no longer put up her hand in class to answer questions, and seems generally unhappy at school. It's breaking my heart, my DD has always been happy and friendly and loved school, now she is starting to loathe it.

What can I do to help? I've suggested having a conversation with friends mum but my DD thinks this will make things worse. I explained to the teacher when she pulled me aside and also a couple of weeks prior and she has not been able to resolve anything.

It's really damaging my DD's confidence and self esteem. Sorry for a long post and in advance for any typos or autocorrects.

Also just to say i have suggested she ignore her (but not be rude) and find someone else to play with, when she has tried doing this her friend follows her around with another girl, staring at her and talking loudly about her so she can't even get away from her in the playground.

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