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Stupid eating disorder

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ChangeofName911 Wed 13-Jun-18 20:02:27

Bad habits every evening this week - bingeing and purging. I need to get out of the cycle. I thought I was over it. It has been years since this wae over. V v occassionally pops up again like this. Vent over. Its stupid and i just need to stop. I get very paniklcky. Urge. Need to be strog. Sorry for wasting internet space.

Scorching Wed 13-Jun-18 20:04:44

Don’t apologise, it’s an illness. Have you spoke to any professionals?

ChangeofName911 Wed 13-Jun-18 20:27:39

Hey scorching. I have had help in the past but it seemed under control generally. Just this week is pants.

Scorching Wed 13-Jun-18 20:29:58

I’ve had similar issues in the past, long time ago. Has anything in particular triggered it for you lately?

sonyaya Wed 13-Jun-18 20:30:41

I’ve been there OP and relapses are part of recovery. Where are you at right now? Could you pick something you’re craving to eat and tell yourself you’re going to enjoy it guilt free (even if it feels “greedy”) and try to stop afterwards? Removing guilt from the situation works for me.

Or if you’re past that and unable to stop tonight, accept that it is part of your recovery journey and that tomorrow is a new day - be kind to yourself flowers

CallMeOnMyCell Wed 13-Jun-18 20:49:42

What triggered your relapse? My triggers are boredom and stress.

ZispinAndChai Wed 13-Jun-18 20:59:16

Sorry you're having a relapse. flowers It sucks. Try not to beat yourself up about it. You're not a bad person for relapsing - it happens. I've thought several times I've beaten it for good, and yet it's crept up again. If you can tell what's caused the relapse, can you try to focus on the issue? Do damage limitation while the relapse lasts?

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