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What's causing my chronic pelvic pain?

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Sunbelina Wed 13-Jun-18 17:46:14

I've had a persistent medium-grade pain in my pelvis for nearly a year now. I feel it most in the crease where my legs join my body and on each side of my lower back/buttock area. If I move it feels like the muscles underneath are tearing. One side is more 'locked-up' than the other. It's very debilitating. The doctor says there's nothing mechanically wrong & I've had an mri to confirm this. I'm 47 so probably peri (menopausal) but have no womb, so no idea about periods. It's really sapping me of my energy to do anything. Has anyone got any ideas?

saffrone Wed 13-Jun-18 17:51:23

You say you have no womb - presumably you have had a gynae op at some time then? Only gynae ops tend to involve stirrups, and if mishandled during the op, you can be set up for pelvic pain to be occur at some point in the future after another trauma to your pelvic region.
Contact the pelvic pain partnership, or get referred to a women's health physio by your gp. In the meantime, see if you have an osteopath locally who specialises in ante/post natal care.
Good luck

Sunbelina Wed 13-Jun-18 17:53:43

Yes, I had a hysterectomy but it was years ago now & uneventful at the time. Could it be purely a menopausal symptom?

Kezzie200 Wed 13-Jun-18 17:56:32

Whilst waiting for things ad investigations cut out gluten. Gives me awful hip discomfort. Just as a test.

iloveroastpotatoes Wed 13-Jun-18 19:12:11

I have pain where you describe plus in my back. It is my sacro iliac joint that's affected; have had steroid injections and currently attending Physio. Perhaps you could explore that with your GP?

When walking, my hips and pelvis become tighter and more stretched to the point I am unable to walk further. If caught early enough, you may find treatment prevents further damage.

Surfingwhippet Wed 13-Jun-18 19:48:56

I had this but only on one side. It solved itself when i pulled a muscle in my back and had to do back stretches. The pain in my groin went too.
I continued with the stretches even though the back pain had gone and the groin pain hasn't come back

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