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What have I bought?

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Hippywannabe Wed 13-Jun-18 17:39:28

So I bought this for £1 in the charity shop. Is it a baby wearing thing? It has the adjustable bit and some sort of light frame where I think baby's neck would go. How would you wear it? We never had them in my day.

WhoooaTherePickle Wed 13-Jun-18 17:40:00

Was there meant to be a pic?

WhoooaTherePickle Wed 13-Jun-18 17:40:36

Oh typical, they just appeared. Ignore me!

Hippywannabe Wed 13-Jun-18 17:40:47

There are 3?

user1471459936 Wed 13-Jun-18 17:40:59

Breastfeeding cover?

CrackingCheeseGromit Wed 13-Jun-18 17:41:13

Breastfeeding cover! I just sold my unused one on eBay, it had the same wire thing. I’d bought it on amazon.

torthecatlady Wed 13-Jun-18 17:41:29

Sounds like a breast feeding cover from the name Bebe au lait.

WhoooaTherePickle Wed 13-Jun-18 17:41:45

A quick Google says it's a nursing cover

LanguidLobster Wed 13-Jun-18 17:41:48

It's a pretty print

WhoooaTherePickle Wed 13-Jun-18 17:42:38

You got a bargain there OP!

torthecatlady Wed 13-Jun-18 17:43:17


HopeAndJoy16 Wed 13-Jun-18 17:43:36

Breastfeeding cover? There aren't any straps/doesn't look long enough for a sling/wrap

steamboatwilly123 Wed 13-Jun-18 17:43:52

One of these? (Sorry don't know how to do click links!)

CrackingCheeseGromit Wed 13-Jun-18 17:47:19

You hang it over your neck and the wire sort of makes it stand off your chest a bit so the baby gets a bit of air I guess. I tried mine on when I was feeding my first child but found it more of a hindrance than a help, but I saw a woman feeding with one last week in a lovely print.

Tara12 Wed 13-Jun-18 17:48:02

Its a breastfeeding apron

CrackingCheeseGromit Wed 13-Jun-18 17:48:16

Mine was like this one.

SoyDora Wed 13-Jun-18 17:48:35

Yes it’s a breastfeeding cover.
Why did you buy it if you have no idea what it is? grin

Hippywannabe Wed 13-Jun-18 17:56:54

Excellent, I knew you lot would know! I am going to be a grandma by Christmas and wonderful DIL is happy with 2nd hand/ charity shop things, we are buying new too! I am picking up bargain things that look new and adding them to the Finnish baby box that I also got for free through a thread on here!

CrackingCheeseGromit Wed 13-Jun-18 18:00:51

Congratulations! My MIL (and me!) are avid charity shoppers, and she got me some real bargains which were much appreciated!

Needtobehumanagain Wed 13-Jun-18 18:10:41

I have the exact same one pattern and colour! It is a cover up for breastfeeding

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