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Childcare and older children

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LovelyBath77 Wed 13-Jun-18 17:31:11

My eldest son is 13 and in Year 8, youngest is 9 and in Year 4. Just on the cusp of being more independent and starting to walk to school. I feel Ok to leave them together while I pop out to the local shop for example- they are pretty sensible.

Regarding work, I have done a bit from home but considering more work outside the home. How does it work for older children in terms of school holidays and after school? All the clubs and things are aimed at those of primary age.

Would you be Ok leaving two this kind of age (or a bit older) to fend for themselves during the day in the holidays? We are close to a park and they seem Ok coming in and out with a key. making snacks etc. Bit, I feel concerned about the length of time, and also if it is fair to leave the older one in charge of his brother. He is a caring type though and would probably get on OK.

Many thanks.

xyzandabc Wed 13-Jun-18 17:36:33

If he wanted to, I would leave the older one in the holidays. But the younger one, I would still put him in some kind holiday club at least until the summer holidays before secondary school. Not fair to put the responsibility of a younger sibling on the older one.

For an hour or two, fine to leave both, but not for the whole day.

LovelyBath77 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:06:30

Yes I think I would agree with that. The younger one would not be pleased about going to it though without his brother and older would not be pleased to be left alone.

Grandparents on husband's side and aunt and uncle live locally so they could probably visit them independently, grandparents have a business nearby on walking distance, and husband sometimes works from home.

I think I can see it getting easier in a year or two. Is that what others found? How do others deal with this?

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