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Netflix watchers ideas please.

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PanannyPanoo Wed 13-Jun-18 15:49:57

Hi I am looking for inspiration.

Every few months I have 3 days enforced rest with only Netflix to watch. I have watched and enjoyed unforgotten, call the midwife, the a word, the let down.
I need a gentle show that isn t too complicated. Rather than lots of violence and swearing. I Like a gripping crime drama just not too much gore.
I can't watch Netflix at home so need to be able to watch a whole series in the 3 days. Can't wait another 3 months to find out the ending!
Any ideas?

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 13-Jun-18 15:51:25

I really enjoyed Safe.

FaithEverPresent Wed 13-Jun-18 15:54:41

I’ve just watched the first two series of Poldark - absolutely brilliant. Only period drama violence rather than really gritty. Lighter stuff, Crazy ex-girlfriend is good - first series in particular.

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Wed 13-Jun-18 15:55:51

I was going to recommend Fauda but I've just seen the no violence requirement. If you do get in the mood for a bit of bloodshed it is brilliant , 12 episodes per series (35 mins long). Israeli production about the Israel/Palestine conflict - subtitled or dubbed.
Have you watched The Good Place, nice gentle rather funny and a bit out of the ordinary or Kimmy Schimdt?

Lmj25 Wed 13-Jun-18 15:57:14


paranoiamumma Wed 13-Jun-18 16:05:24

We are watching designated survivor atm and it's quite good .

speakfriendandenter Wed 13-Jun-18 16:09:53

I second 'designated survivor', really e joyed it. Years ago on sky I watched 'Justified', might be worth searching for that too if it's on Netflix.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 13-Jun-18 16:10:32

I'm watching The Sniffer at the moment and am strangely entranced with it. It's Ukranian so you have to read subtitles, and there is some gore, not really bad stuff but (neat) gunshot wounds and some blood.

Jonathan Creek is also on Netflix, if you fancy something retro.

Cheesymonster Wed 13-Jun-18 16:11:18

I was utterly addicted to The Sinner and it’s just one series, although there are some violent scenes. Also enjoyed Safe.

If you want something really light hearted, Schitt’s Creek is very funny and something you can dip in and out of.

MrsW85 Wed 13-Jun-18 16:18:29

I loved white collar

bestbefore Wed 13-Jun-18 17:07:46

Safe is my recommendation too!

ShakingAndConfused Wed 13-Jun-18 17:11:22

The Good Place. It's Good!

Needtobehumanagain Wed 13-Jun-18 17:30:09

The sinner

toastedbeagle Wed 13-Jun-18 19:35:02


DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Wed 13-Jun-18 19:43:41

Not for this list as it’s complicated grin but Dark is amazing.

Love is good. Third series not as good. And I agree with Other suggestions.

KelpianCasserole Wed 13-Jun-18 19:49:50

Friday night dinner

KaliforniaDreamz Wed 13-Jun-18 19:50:41


Processedpea Wed 13-Jun-18 19:52:55

90s prime suspect is on there it's excellent also documentary Cropsey

TSSDNCOP Wed 13-Jun-18 19:52:59

13 Reasons Why - except the last episode which made me sob.

Designated Survivor

The Good Wife

PanannyPanoo Wed 13-Jun-18 20:01:24

Thank you so much for the suggestions. I actually started designated survivor 2 rounds ago had forgotten that.
I used to enjoy 24.
Will start that from the beginning again. Jonathan creek would be a nostalgic watch too.
I haven't heard of the others so it will be nice and easy to search for them.
Thank you for the suggestions be lovely something new. I.can be a bit wiped out so following complicated plots is a challenge and violent tv at 10am just feels odd!
Thanks again.

LapsedHumanist Wed 13-Jun-18 20:11:22

The Good Place
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Frankie and Grace

fantasmasgoria1 Wed 13-Jun-18 20:13:00

Grace and Frankie, weeds, designated survivor and the rain.

helloBuddy Wed 13-Jun-18 20:21:29

Power is great, four seasons, next one is out July.

Pastaagain78 Wed 13-Jun-18 20:22:51


TeaStory Wed 13-Jun-18 20:24:08

Another vote for The Good Place.

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