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Anyone been on a DoE expedition which was abandoned due to bad weather?

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WickedGoodDoge Wed 13-Jun-18 07:03:01

DS is away off doing his Silver qualifying expedition and looking at the weather it is due to start raining heavily at lunchtime today, continuing through lunchtime tomorrow and there is a yellow warning tomorrow for high winds (37mph with gusts of 57mph- from 03:00-15:00)

Not sure if it will get bad enough to be abandoned- tomorrow night is his last night- anyone been on/had DC on a trip that was halted due to weather? If so, I’m assuming he’ll need to do another expedition to qualify?

BeginningToWobble Wed 13-Jun-18 08:41:09

Ours wasn't abandoned but the weather was bad enough that the staff transported the waterlogged outer part of the tent and we had to take a different route than planned.

WickedGoodDoge Wed 13-Jun-18 15:24:50

I suppose that kept some of the weight off whoever was lugging it around before. grin

DS is about to be hit by “Storm Hector” tomorrow. He’s right up in the Northwest of Scotland where it’s going to be rather dreadful weather for DoE. Am feeling sorry for him!

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