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What would you make a throw out of if you have a sewing machine, and can’t knit or crochet?

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CrumbsInBed Tue 12-Jun-18 22:24:07

The throws I bought for the sofa are made out of what feels like scratchy material, as in when I sit on it, it makes me itch! It looks like it’s been crocheted or knitted but isn’t, iyswim.

I have a sewing machine and a dream of making my own throw, something reversible with maybe some piping.

Any ideas on what material would be best, please? I thought cotton, but that would crease.

It’s for the sofa in the conservatory.
Your help is very much appreciated, many thanks in advance. 💐

AjasLipstick Wed 13-Jun-18 01:18:40

Cotton won't crease if you put some batting in the middle and make a sort of faux quilt. Buy some batting and layer the cotton either a sandwich. The batting is the jam and the cotton is the bread.

You can then put piping or bias binding all around. Bias will be easier.

To keep it steady, so the layers don't shift, you can put a few stitches in or even "quilt" it a little.

MipMipMip Wed 13-Jun-18 01:29:44

Fleece. It's the ideal backing, even gives a quilting effect. I'd sew up the front into squares or whatever pattern the just attach it to the quilt. You could even use your current fabric if you wanted then snuggle under the fleece. I'm not sure if it's uncomfortable to sit on or just under?

catsofa Wed 13-Jun-18 01:40:33

I've got fleece all over my sofas, dead easy to wash and has a little stretch to it which means it sort of hugs the shape of the sofa and doesn't slide off. Can confirm it is very comfortable to sit on, even in summer. Did I mention it's easy to wash? Turns out that's very important in a sofa covering!

LapsedHumanist Wed 13-Jun-18 01:48:31

Cotton waffle

IlikemyTeahot Wed 13-Jun-18 02:08:06

fleece blankets I've done this in the past get baby size ones and stitch them all together with a nice colour thread.

AdaColeman Wed 13-Jun-18 02:34:10

Soft fleece fabric, perhaps lined with an acrylic velvet?

CrumbsInBed Wed 13-Jun-18 21:18:22

Sorry, I’ve only just managed to get back to the thread.

Some very helpful replies, thank you 💐

The fleece sounds a great option, and I also have some batting that I could use with cotton as @AjasLipstick mentioned.

@Mip, the current fabric is itchy to sit on. It’s bloody awful tbh 😄so I won’t be using it, but thanks for the suggestion.

CrumbsInBed Wed 13-Jun-18 21:20:13

Also @Ada acrylic velvet also sounds good for lining.

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