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Dirty floors

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ImMissHannigan Tue 12-Jun-18 19:06:54

I was persuaded by my other half to pick a shiny, light grey porcelain tile. And I can't disagree with him, it looks great. For about ten minutes after cleaning it anyway!! Nothing at all gets it properly clean, the grout has gone from a light matching colour to a dark contrast. We have tried everything. Even bought a ewbank floor polisher (they are shit, nearly as shit as the customer service but that's another thread!). Tried every product on the shelf. I have to mop it and dry it by hand to get it to look nice. Takes about half an hour. Lasts about ten minutes! Do I really have to do this every day forever?! Please wise mumsnetters, how do you keep your tiled floors clean? Is there a product or machine we can buy? Or can we coat it with some kind of sealant? I can't look at a dirty floor every day and don't have the time to clean it every day either. I'll try and post a pic.

BackforGood Tue 12-Jun-18 23:48:26

Hmmm. No answer for you, but I can't help thinking it is sort of asking for trouble in putting light grey porcelain on the floor. I mean - did it not occur to you when you first saw it ? Bit like laying cream carpet throughout a house, IMO.

Mari098 Wed 13-Jun-18 07:17:14

You can steam clean it , get a good steam cleaner then try a grout and tile sealant.

AgedTawnyPort Wed 13-Jun-18 07:24:33

Look at the HG range of products, there will be something there that makes a difference even if it isn't a massive difference.

My carpet cleaning firm clean, polish and seal floors, the photos on their social media account look fantastic.

They came round to do a spot clean on some tiles I have inherited in a house and told me not to bother as it didn't make a huge difference. They quoted £250 for a big kitchen, 20ft x 15ft ish.

TimeToDash Wed 13-Jun-18 07:26:59

We have really light grout too. I usually put loads of bleach on then steam clean. Wouldn't choose that colour next time!

GetOffTheTableMabel Wed 13-Jun-18 07:27:53

I have a Braava robot mop (& a similar floor to you, I think). I LOVE it. I think it was about £250. I also have a roomba vacuum cleaner which I do not rate as highly but the mop is sanity saving.

AgedTawnyPort Wed 13-Jun-18 07:30:26

Loads of things here. Fantastic products for tough cleaning jobs, I was going to replace all my bathrooms but one doesn't need it after several doses of their professional limescale remover, mould remover and loads of Cif and elbow grease.

Stephisaur Wed 13-Jun-18 07:53:46

We have cream tiles and off white grout. My mum bought me a steam cleaner and it’s absolutely fantastic for getting the grout clean smile

BeginningToWobble Wed 13-Jun-18 08:44:48

Lower your standards grin

Our tiles are awful (didn't choose). Dark grey, almost black and show everything. I also have 2 DC. I don't bother any more.

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