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If you go on the rapids at centre parcs what swim suit do you wear?

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llmb Tue 12-Jun-18 15:42:12

Going on our annual trip soon and I usually wear a swim costume. Trouble is I always end up with bit of a sore arse! There’s the bike riding, then I find going down all the slides etc the ridges/joins of the slides hurts as I go over them! Iv tried wearing a tankin with shorts but the shorts are short short so don’t cover much more bum then a costume.

Thought of board shorts but I’m a short arse and don’t like my belly as it is and think these look horrific on me (have tried some on).

Any ideas??

SubtitlesOn Tue 12-Jun-18 15:56:08

The only thing I would say is that DH got stuck cos his shorts were a sort of rough material that didn't slide very well down the tube slides at centre Parcs

This was quite a while ago so they might have changed them since

So IMHO and IME the material is quite important so you don't "stick"

llmb Tue 12-Jun-18 16:04:25

Iv been yearly for 12 years and have moanded each time about a sore arse! I slide down no problem! Just going over the bumps/ridges hurts when I’m stuck in the pools with the dc grin I can see how some materials could get ‘stuck’. Maybe I need longer tankini shorts... so swim costume material but longer. Just haven’t found any and don’t want to wear cycling short types./

JellySlice Tue 12-Jun-18 16:39:36

I just wear my regular swimsuit. I dont like wearing a tankini on the rudes, especially the Rapids, as it gets pushed up and I worry I may expose rather more than I feel comfortable about! But I always take at least to cozzies to CP, so I have a choice and never need put on a damp cozzy.

If you're getting a sore bum from the bumps and ridges on the rides, try clenching your buttocks and pushing your hips upwards a bit as you slide. Let your back arch slightly at the same time, otherwise your shoulders end up taking the bumps instead of your bum.

JellySlice Tue 12-Jun-18 16:41:12

Typos hmm

Two cozzies, obviously. And rides, not rudes (though they would be rudes if I wore a two-piece grin).

llmb Tue 12-Jun-18 17:26:50

Yes that’s the only thing about a tankini is keeping hold of the top! I don’t lay down on the slides.... always sit up (I get claustrophobic and hate water over my head!!) which can’t help the arse situation....

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Tue 12-Jun-18 17:40:03

There are some nice swimsuits around at the moment that look like tankinis, that might solve the keeping hold of your top problem.

Next Tanksuit

llmb Tue 12-Jun-18 18:27:56

Thanks rapt that’s exactly what my costume is like! I mentioned tankini for the shorts... for more coverage for my back side!

changemyname1 Tue 12-Jun-18 18:34:03

perhaps this type of thing would be good

llmb Tue 12-Jun-18 18:38:09

change it does, thank you, but I would look like a stuffed sausage in that, hence why I wear a costume similar to the image above as it’s more flattering across the belly!

changemyname1 Tue 12-Jun-18 18:56:34

changemyname1 Tue 12-Jun-18 18:57:58

well what about cycling shorts underneath your costume

Ardant Tue 12-Jun-18 19:00:32

"try clenching your buttocks and pushing your hips upwards a bit as you slide. Let your back arch slightly at the same time".

Have you ever thought about writing erotic fiction Jelly? wink grin

SubtitlesOn Tue 12-Jun-18 19:07:31

Is it the rapids (that at elevenden years ago were quite wide) or tube slides (that you go down one at a time) that are causing the problem?

hugoagogo Tue 12-Jun-18 19:09:25

How about wearing something like this over your swimsuit to give you another layer to protect your bum?
I have never been to one of these places, I don't know why but I sort of imagined you would have some sort of mat- like on the helterskelter! grin

llmb Tue 12-Jun-18 19:25:34

Tube slides one at a time, rapids just a free for all! Ha no mat to sit on unfortunately. Skirt is cute but not convinced it would stay put... could try though

hugoagogo Tue 12-Jun-18 20:54:47

Yes, shorts would be better.grin ooh maybe they do swim skorts?

theclockticksslowly Tue 12-Jun-18 21:08:10

What about something like this

FudgeyCookie Tue 12-Jun-18 21:38:02

I tried the rapids once, exposed myself too blush I was trying to get over the high ledge at the beginning! Haven't been ob them since.

llmb Wed 13-Jun-18 07:47:29

clock they look good! Have to try to hunt a black pair now!

fudgey I know the bit you mean! As a LP I do have to go down with the dc but one has no fear and zips off, so between trying to keep tabs on them both, not drowning myself, not touching a strangers leg, keeping modest it’s a bit of a stressful time grin we love it through hence the returning!

theclockticksslowly Wed 13-Jun-18 09:53:08

They do all colours. Here you go!

I’m glad I saw this thread - I want to take my DD swimming but am very self conscious (I know I shouldn’t be and all that, but I am!) - I think I’d wear some of these costumes/skirts etc!

MysteriousSheep Wed 13-Jun-18 10:24:19

Go down on your belly?

llmb Wed 13-Jun-18 12:40:43

Thanks clock!

mysterious you aren’t allowed to.

JellySlice Wed 13-Jun-18 13:05:59

But every body does!

Especially at the beginning. At the end you'll easily get away with going over on your belly feet-first.

llmb Wed 13-Jun-18 15:44:43

To be fair I sit up... I don’t lay at all at any point! As i said before having to keep both dc in view and stop myself from drowning as it’s a running joke in my house mum always half drowns in the rapids! grin

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