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Celebrity crush/who you’d most like to be

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FurryDice Tue 12-Jun-18 03:20:11

I adore Tina Fey. I think she’s foxy and very cool and has great legs. She’s also over 40. I think I love her most in Sisters if it’s for crush reasons but in 30 Rock she was sublime.

KinCat Tue 12-Jun-18 03:36:22

Feminist me would most like to be Mary Beard because I think she's awesome and has such an interesting life (aware some things she's said may have cause controversy but hasn't changed my opinion of her).

Airhead me would like to be Kate Middleton so I could wear nice clothes all the time, not have to work and never worry about money etc.

Lallypopstick Tue 12-Jun-18 03:37:00


FurryDice Tue 12-Jun-18 03:57:41

If I wanted to feel a bloke, I think I’d wa t to be someone funny but cool and not necessarily gorgeous. Hmmm. Which bloke would I live to be?

FurryDice Tue 12-Jun-18 04:01:07

Er, excuse me. I didn’t mean to write ‘if I wanted to FEEL a bloke’ as usual the iPad stitched me-up. I simply wanted to write ‘be’

It also made ‘want’ say ‘live’.

I totally give up. The iPad is out to get me and make me look a cunt.

FurryDice Wed 13-Jun-18 03:40:09

I must stop starting threads when I’m three sheets to the wind.

My first post I stand by, though. I live Tina Fey

FurryDice Wed 13-Jun-18 03:40:44

Love, ffs.

vampirethriller Wed 13-Jun-18 09:47:34

I have a huge crush on Eiza Gonzales. If I was going to be a man I'd like to be Dwayne Johnson, he seems so lovely.

eyycarumba Wed 13-Jun-18 10:24:35

Emilia Clarke, she is adorable!

UnderpassWeathered Thu 14-Jun-18 02:44:17

Emilia Clarke is adorable, it’s true. She comes across as a really sweet person in interviews, but can also be a bit sweary, and I love that juxtaposition.

karyatide Thu 14-Jun-18 03:43:37

I LOVE Tina Fey and I adored Sisters. You can be Tina Fey and I'll be Amy Poehler?

FurryDice Thu 14-Jun-18 03:52:21

@karyatide you have yourself a deal, sister!

I love that film. And I love Amy Poehler, I couldn’t decide between the two but because I have dark hair I sort of gravitate towards La Fey.

I think Sisters is underrated, I must say. The whole party sequence is awesome.

FurryDice Sat 16-Jun-18 04:08:32

Sandra Bullock. I love the long hair thing she’s got going on now.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Sat 16-Jun-18 04:25:14

Rachel Parris from the Mash Report. Love her.

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