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Quirky things about your body

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ALemonyPea Sun 10-Jun-18 20:30:02

It’s that time of year where I paint all 4 toenails each on my feet. Not 5, 4. That’s because I don’t have any visible toenails on my little toes. They are there, but they don’t grow properly. They grow up, that her than along my toes.

Doesn’t bother me, I like the quirk.

I also have a halo mole on my head, which currently looks a lot more noticeable as I’ve got a slight tan. Might need to get some false tan for it. hmm

Indulge me as I’m bored, what’s your body quirks.

drayday Sun 10-Jun-18 20:54:19

My son has this wierd pale jagged line across his torso. Looks like a scar but has never been injured there.

AFistfulofDolores1 Sun 10-Jun-18 20:59:20

I have no earlobes. Well, none to speak of. I look frigging ridiculous with earrings in, and consequently I don't wear them anymore. Also, according to my exDH, I have "freaky bird feet".

So there you go.

Tangleteaser85 Sun 10-Jun-18 21:02:48

I have the same on my little toes grin

vampirethriller Sun 10-Jun-18 21:06:28

My little toe nails never grew either! Also, my wisdom teeth were twice the normal size.

WhyBird2k Sun 10-Jun-18 21:07:42

The shape of my fingers and fingernails on my left hand are totally different to my right hand

Mybabystolemysanity Sun 10-Jun-18 21:09:04

Another little toes one here! I thought it was just me!

BoiledFrog Sun 10-Jun-18 21:10:59

I have a squeaky right eye, also was born with a random bit missing in my upper earlobe.

Littletreefrog Sun 10-Jun-18 21:11:24

My middle toe on my right foot bends at a right angle in the middle. Never broken it or anything like that it just grew like that.

calilark Sun 10-Jun-18 21:12:39

I have a natural streak of white hair. And I can bend my fingers at only fingertip joints

GailTheFish Sun 10-Jun-18 21:14:04

Whenever I yawn my stomach rumbles, which makes it hard to yawn discretely.

troodiedoo Sun 10-Jun-18 21:14:36

Dd2 has blue eyes but has a small splodge of brown in her right eye.

GemmaB78 Sun 10-Jun-18 21:15:22

I have 4 moles in a perfect straight line on my shoulder. I call it my constellation.

Rollerbird Sun 10-Jun-18 21:15:53

How can you have a squeaky eye??

JayZed Sun 10-Jun-18 21:16:22

Another one with no baby toe nails [grins] Also have a very prominent heart shaped vein on one foot, its quite cute

Idontknowwhoisright Sun 10-Jun-18 21:17:04

My3 middle toes are the same length and I have a £1 coin size mole on my forehead, on the right side.

ALemonyPea Sun 10-Jun-18 21:17:30

Squeaky eye? I need to hear it.

lightcola Sun 10-Jun-18 21:18:05

I have a single white hair that grows out my chin. It can grow really long.

ComeOnGordon Sun 10-Jun-18 21:18:32

I’m another one with not much earlobe. Thankfully my kids didn’t inherit them.

I can abduct my little toe (splay it) - no use and I’ve dislocated it way too many times

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 10-Jun-18 21:19:15

Dh has a squeaky left eye!

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 10-Jun-18 21:20:13

When he rubs it, it sounds like it needs wd40.

RedPandaMama Sun 10-Jun-18 21:20:13

My fourth toe (as in second smallest) is really bent. My mum's and nan's are too!

DrCoconut Sun 10-Jun-18 21:20:36

After a recent scare about a lump in my armpit I've been told I have an ancillary breast aka pit titgrin

OhForCodsHake Sun 10-Jun-18 21:20:55

I've got a crooked bumcrack grin

Kraggle Sun 10-Jun-18 21:21:07

One of my wisdom teeth is situated sideways in my jaw, discovered on an X-ray for a different tooth. It’s not erupted and the dentist thinks it will never move due to its position.

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