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Penguins do Dry June - all welcome!

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MissFitton Thu 31-May-18 09:26:06

So the trouble with a chat thread is it disappears after ninety days..... grin

A thread for those who wish to abstain or reduce their drinking. From memory (so apologies if I've missed anyone off) here's a penguin roll call:


Plenty of room on the 'berg for anyone wanting to join us. Dry June it is!

TheZeppo Thu 31-May-18 09:31:17


We need Cherry too!

TheZeppo Thu 31-May-18 09:31:57

And Ihatebreakfast and maybe Cary. That’s me done 😂

MissFitton Thu 31-May-18 09:45:46

Good point!


Sorry for missing you guys off the OP but I just had a mini panic when I realised the other thread had disappeared grin

Currently on holiday and paddling but very much up for a Dry June.

Cherryminx Thu 31-May-18 15:05:30

Found you! V exciting that we did 90 days from end of Feb and didn't really notice it.

I had kind of planned a pre June paddle. Bought a mini bottle in anticipation. Got home in bad mood with DS for slacking off on his revision, DH had a moan about something too and DD and I thought - I feel rubbish, tired, with headache. Wine will only make me feel crapper. So I went to bed instead and feel much better for it.

Zeppo have a special question for you. Am feeling the love for my DS teachers and wanted to send them each a thank you note plus a little present. What would be a good present? Was thinking either a bottle or maybe a £10 voucher each for something like Waterstones or M&S. Or could do Amazon. I don't really like vouchers but need to do 10 teachers so voucher logistic probably easier.

Feed back from a real teacher would be much appreciated. Not sure if I can get Ds to write in cards.

Cherryminx Thu 31-May-18 16:44:56

Something to kick you off on the Dry June countdown (imagining myself in the tight black pants with a penguin backing group) ....

Summer drinkin' had me a blast
Summer drinkin' happened so fast
Well I knew it was just crazy
I knew the ‘guins would help me
Summer days driftin' away
To ah, oh, those summer nights

Uh well-a well-a well-a huh!
Tell me more, tell me more
Did you get very far?
Tell me more, tell me more
Did you go to a bar?
Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

I drank wi-ine, made my head ache
Knocked back beer, should’ve had cake
Not a paddle, I nearly drowned
Some more gin, splashing around
Summer sun, something's begun
But ah, oh, those summer nights

Uh well-a well-a well-a huh!
Tell me more, tell me more
Was it love at first sight?
Tell me more, tell me more
Did you feel a bit tight?
Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

So for June a new vow I have made
No more boozing, drink lemonade
If it’s cold, have a hot choc
Go to bed at ten o'clock
Summer gin, don't mean a thing
But ah, oh, those summer nights

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Tell me more, tell me more
But you don't gotta brag
Tell me more, tell me more
Will it be much of a drag
Shoo-bop bop, shoo-bop bop, shoo-bop bop, shoo-bop bop
Shoo-bop bop, shoo-bop bop, shoo-bop bop, yeah!

‘Guins are friendly, they’ll hold my hand
They’ll remind me all drinks are banned
I will feel healthy and clean
It will be good, you know what I mean
Summer heat, sober I’ll keep
On all of those summer nights

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Tell me more, tell me more
How much dough will you save?
Tell me more, tell me more
Can you give us a wave?

In July-y, then it won’t end
Know the ‘guins and I’ll still be friends
We have made a stay sober vow
Wonder what they’re doing now
Summer ice, it’s pretty nice
On all, those summer nights...
Tell me more, tell me more...

thenightsky Thu 31-May-18 18:01:54

Yay! a new thread.
Cherry you are talented penguin. I sang that all through in my head grin.

margaritasbythesea Thu 31-May-18 20:08:21

Oh good grief! I thought for a minute I had been kicked off the berg when the last thread disappeared. That is, until I engaged my rational brain and realised what had happened.

Thanks for starting the new thread MissF.

Waves to all. Here´s to June.

Was it ihate who had lost weight? That is really not happening here! I am knackered and just helped myself to one of the kids´ ice creams. Like a magnum but with nutella flavoured ice cream in the middle and caramel sauce between two top layers of chocolate. I tell you, if you´re ever in Spain, Mercadona supermarkets are ace. Mmmm.

And they do organic 100% aloe vera gel for a fiver, too.

margaritasbythesea Thu 31-May-18 20:09:32

Sorry omitted to write, but not to think, great song Cary. I shall hum it to myself if I am tempted. flowers

thenightsky Thu 31-May-18 20:32:01

marg Its me that lost weight. 20lb in all now.

applelolly Thu 31-May-18 20:59:44

hello all - can I join you please? I have come off antidepressants 3 months ago and have since cut down my drinking to try to help my mood. But I am still struggling and I am going to try cutting out alcohol all together for a while. (ps penguins are my favourite animal/bird!)

DragonsAndCakes Thu 31-May-18 21:05:58

Hi apple you’re very welcome to join smile
I found not drinking was easier than cutting down. Mostly grin

Hi everyone else. I’m still here. I tend to be fairly quiet, because I don’t have much to say. blush You know what, though, I’ve not had a single drink since we started in January.

I had my first social event where I was really the odd one out to be not drinking, a couple of weekends ago. It was odd in places, but I did it.

Oh, apple someone said on an earlier thread about playing the scene to the end. So you imagine the lovely cold glass of whatever, but you need to imagine the evening as it progresses and then the hangover the next day. I found that really helpful.

Plus the book ‘The unexpected joy of being sober’.

I’ll go and smugly tuck my self up in bed with a cup of tea. Take care, penguins. smile

TheZeppo Thu 31-May-18 21:48:34

That song is amazing Cherry!!

On the present front, what a kind person you are! We literally don’t ever expect them. I think it’s different at Primary school? I would be over the moon to get a voucher, a bottle, anything! I keep all the cards the kids give me, they’re stacking up now. Honestly, even just a nice card would be so lovely. A parent said thank you to me at parents evening the other day and I was pleased as punch.

Welcome apple!

I have a confession. I am going to do Dry June, but I’m going to start on the 2nd!

Cherryminx Fri 01-Jun-18 01:01:13

Thanks Zeppo. I can't believe that parents don't thank you - honestly you have got such a hard job. Ok - so am going for the Amazon vouchers so that everyone can by themselves something they want - although if their suggested purchases are anything like mine at the mo they'll have a nice CGP revision guide to peruse by the pool on their hols!

apple - welcome. You are doing absolutely the right thing. I had been trying to cut down for years but somehow this Dry January it all came right and since then I have drunk on less than 4 days this year.

My mood and general outlook on life has massively changed - its so easy to see looking back how much alcohol can depress you but so difficult to see if you are still drinking.

Stopping completely is really hard at first but it is really worth it. I recommend The Sober Diaries & The Unespected Joy of being sober. Also the blog called A hangover Free life.

Stock up on nice AF drinks, plenty of ice and lemons. Keep posting on here and there are lots of lovely people who can cheer you on.

It's already Day 1 - bring it on ..........

margaritasbythesea Fri 01-Jun-18 06:08:02

Happy June Everyone!

Hello apples. Nice to meet you. OF course you are welcome to join. I agree with the others and will add my twopennorth. I find it amazing that the less I drink the more I realise how my occasional slips affect me. The less you drink the more you become aware how powerful it is, I think.

Hello Dragons, nice to see you are still there. Please post though. It's encouraging to know who you are huddling next to!

Ooo fatrascals, well done. I totally lack willpower at the moment, when usually I am quite disciplned when I want to lose weight. I lose and gain the same one pound over and over at the moment. Icecream doesn't help!

Fengshui Fri 01-Jun-18 06:53:05

I'm here!!!!!

Thanks so much for the callout- I had forgotten the 90 days Chat thread disappearing thing.

Back to read the thread.

Love you all, Penguiny friends!

Fengshui Fri 01-Jun-18 06:59:50

Helloapples and hi again Dragons!

Great song Cherry I bopped along to it in my head!

I am aiming for a paddle-freeJune.

I am also determined to wring every possible opportunity out of summer- last year I was knackered from drinking too much in response to stress etc.

Huzzah to the shiny new thread!

Cherryminx Fri 01-Jun-18 08:58:53

Dragons - forgot to say - no drink since Jan - that's brilliant.

I had a little paddle last night and honestly feel a bit rubbish today. That horrible kind of anxious feeling that you can't put your finger on. After just 1 mini bottle of wine. Just shows how much it messes with your head.

Looking forward to getting back on track today.

MissFitton Fri 01-Jun-18 09:03:43

Morning all. Happy 1st of Dry June! I'm still on holiday and have had a drink every day which is less than ideal however, I've been quite analytical about it and seen how it's affected my holiday. Just need to put that insight into practice now!

No paddles for me in June. I might go for 100 days again.

Have a good day lovely penguins old and new! brewbrewbrew

thenightsky Fri 01-Jun-18 09:30:36

apples welcome to the berg. As others have already said, honestly it is better to give up totally then just cut down. Stock up on AF drinks ready for the weekend. Today, go and buy yourself a few bottles of Rawsons Retreat if you are a wine lover. You'll find it in Tesco. If Sainsburys is your nearest place, their sparkling chardonnay is good. Lager cravings are beaten by Blue Becks. I've also tried Echo Falls sparkling and Bees Knees sparkling. Both good but a bit sweet. The Kopperberg AF ciders are nice too. Good luck!

Bathsheba3 Fri 01-Jun-18 09:35:27

Hello all - please can I join the huddle? I have done a few Dry Jan's and June's in the past, and need the support to do it again. I remember Cherry from before <wave hello from Stars!>

I've had two dry days this year - Tuesday and Wednesday. Slipped into the gin last night, but determined to go for it for June.

I need to break the habit & remember how good & energised I felt without alcohol in my system.

I've a lot of social things planned for the month - but can do it dry, can't I?

Will catch-up on all your posts later on to try to get to "know" you all!

margaritasbythesea Fri 01-Jun-18 10:28:46

Welcome Bathsheba! Huddle in..

[looks around...] liking the new berg!

Ah yes MissFitton - insight into practice - that elusive thing!

KeepServingTheDrinks Fri 01-Jun-18 11:14:06

Hello. Do you have room for a small one? (Unfortunately, I'm not very small).

I'm doing dry June, and 11 hours in, already sick of it, but determined to give it a go. I'm going to a boozy party tomorrow and had offered to drive, but sadly my BIL insists it's his turn. Still determined not to drink though.

Would love to lose weight, but did dry Jan and didn't loose a pound. But I've found since cutting back on the booze, I've been craving sugar (I'm usually a crisps and cheese person), but I've been (stupidly) buying and eating loads of sweets. No wonder I'm such a dollop sad

Fatrascals Fri 01-Jun-18 17:12:32

Just marking place.
Back later smile

Flutteringkites Fri 01-Jun-18 18:13:32

Hi! Could I join you guys please?

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