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Chickenpox / suncream?

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BeverlyGoldberg Mon 28-May-18 09:01:55

DD(3) has chickenpox.

The first spots to arrive had scabbed but there are some blistered ones still.

She has very fair skin and needs suncream if we're playing outside on a day like it's forecast to be today.

Can I / shall I put sun cream on her or is this going to make the irrigation worse or risk infection?

Can't really keep her in the shade as our garden doesn't get much.

ProjectInsanity Mon 28-May-18 09:54:56

I don't know about the cream r.e. irritation, but I certainly wouldn't be letting her skin in the sun. Does she have any long loose clothes you can dress her in and a wide brimmed hat?

BeverlyGoldberg Mon 28-May-18 10:19:29

She's got loose trousers on and a baggy tshirt. Unfortunately we managed to leave her Sunday at nursery last week. I'll dig out an old one.

She's been stuck indoors for two days and we're both going a bit mad so I've set up a little sun tent in the back garden and put her slide up. The slide is in the sun and no room for it in the shade.

Seeline Mon 28-May-18 10:26:27

I think it would really sting. Covering up is the best thing. Can you not create some shade - bed sheet on the washing line etc?

BeverlyGoldberg Mon 28-May-18 10:38:40

Sun hat! Not sunday!

Dug out an old sun hat which miraculously still fits. She's mainly playing between the tent and her slide.

TwuntingCrow Mon 28-May-18 10:39:41

My did had cp in a very hot country and we were warned to put suncream on as any sun exposure can make scarring worse / more likely
We bought a spray on Factor 30 and it was fine
Also, no scarring either 😊

BeverlyGoldberg Mon 28-May-18 12:44:07

Thanks everyone.

I did the bedsheet suggestion to create shade.

She was mainly sat in her tent with her tablet (not great parenting I know but I've just gone with whatever she feels like doing as she's been quite sorry for herself).

Brought her in about half an hour ago for some lunch and a rest. Might go out again later when it's cooled down.

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