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If you use reusable pads...

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murphys Mon 28-May-18 07:00:30

Where do you keep them?

Have bought for dd as she is reacting to disposables, so just wondering where everyone else stores theirs.

I bought a pretty box to keep them in, but it doesn't fit in the bathroom cupboard (it is one of those really slim cupboards which hold next to nothing), so for now they are in her room in her wardrobe. She would prefer to keep them in the bathroom so they are handy, but her biggest concern now is that what if when her brothers friends come over and see them.

It wouldn't be an issue for me, but being a teenager and there being a few of her brothers teenage friends hanging about, she is trying to keep them discreet.

So what do you all do?

(Am thinking of putting up a shelf to keep the box on)

CarcerDun Mon 28-May-18 07:14:37

I have a small bag/washbag that they are kept in. Sits on the shelf with spare toilet rolls.

murphys Tue 29-May-18 06:32:51

Thanks Carcer

Actually I didn't even think of a bag.

I was thinking that one of those shelving systems with the wicker baskets might be a good idea, nothing like rearranging the whole bathroom for the sake of some pads grin

it could do with some sprucing up as it is though, so just an excuse for me to do it sooner now

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